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CUNA Volunteer Certification Program

Earn your designation as a Certified Credit Union Volunteer with the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program. 

You deserve all the recognition in the world for volunteering to direct a credit union. Members rely heavily on credit unions for their financial security, and your decision to volunteer for such an important organization is to be applauded. It's also a responsibility you can't take lightly.

In a financial world that grows in complexity with each passing day, you need an advanced understanding of the issues affecting your credit union. From daily operations to board governance, your ability to understand and analyze issues is critical.

That's a big responsibility for a volunteer, which is why CUNA created the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program. The program is designed to create a simplified approach to some rather complex subjects. It will provide you with a convenient, practical way to become certified in the areas of credit union operations, governance, compliance, and more. Plus, through your studies and taking the online exams, you'll earn your credentials as a Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV) to prove you're an accountable credit union volunteer.

Volunteers can choose from two training tracks. If you're uncertain which area is ideally suited for your volunteer efforts, we'll help you select the right track and courses.

Board of Directors Track
Includes oversight of entire credit union operation and strategic planning.
Areas of Study: 
  • Safety and Soundness
  • Governance
  • CEO Oversight
  • Board Operations & Development
  • Strategic Planning
Supervisory Committee Track

Includes audits, risk assessments and other credit union issues.
Areas of Study
  • CU Knowledge & Committee Governance
  • Annual Audit Requirements
  • Risk Assessments/Audit Plan
  • Internal Audit
  • Board Operations & Development

You must complete the exams for following three CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) courses: History & Philosophy (V01), Financial Reports (V02) and Managing Risk (V03).

Training Formats 

To become a Certified Credit Union Volunteer (CCUV), you may choose from two methods of training:

CUNA Volunteer Certification School
Volunteers who prefer the traditional setting will opt for these week-long training sessions. It includes knowledge and discussion sessions, culminating in five (5) certification exams. 

Self-Directed Study
For volunteers who prefer to learn on their own, the self-directed option allows you to pick and choose learning activities. Enroll in the self-directed study, and begin your coursework.

There is no time limit for completing the CCUV designation. Once enrolled, you must complete at least three (3) credits annually for your enrollment to remain active. If there is no activity for one year, the enrollment fee is forfeited and re-enrollment is required.

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