Proctored Exam Procedures


Your health, safety and welfare are our highest priority. If you are experiencing an interruption to proctor services or need to postpone your exam due to COVID-19, CUNA will remain flexible and work with any student to accommodate alternate testing dates.

To support the need for proctored exams at this time, remote proctored exams have been approved by American Council on Education, CUNA’s accreditor.  For more information, read our Guidelines for Remote Proctoring and this document of Frequently Asked Questions about Proctored Exams.

The following guidelines have been established to make the proctored testing process as easy as possible. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please read more about our frequently asked questions.

Preparing for Your Test

While reading modules, in some cases, there are online self-quizzes to assess your understanding of the content read in the chapters. Remember to bookmark this address for future use.

Choosing a Proctor

Students are required to arrange for their own proctors and test locations. During your conversation with prospective proctors, be sure to let them know you are allotted two hours to complete the exam.

An acceptable proctor may be:

  • Directors, coordinators, or their representatives at a university or junior college in the counseling or educational services department
  • Registrars, deans, or professors at a university or junior college
  • High school principals or counselors
  • Certified librarians in a supervisory position
  • Local directors of educational services
  • A designated representative from your credit union league office

Your proctor CANNOT be someone from a credit union.

Fees associated with a proctor and testing are the responsibility of the student. If the testing is conducted during regular business hours, there is often only a minimal charge, if any. Be sure to consult with the proctor and testing facility in advance about the fees.

For most programs, you can choose to take either a paper test or take the test online.

Requesting an Online Exam

After you have made arrangements for your proctor and chosen an exam site, you may request your exam. To request your online exam, complete the Proctored Exam Request Form. Once you have completed the form, click on submit to process your request. The exam information will be sent to the proctor at the email address you provide on the form.

To ensure that your proctor receives the testing materials in time for your exam date, place your order four weeks prior to your scheduled exam date to allow for processing time. The normal rush fee for exams requested in less than the four week turnaround time is currently being waived due to COVID-19.

All exams may be ordered at one time (CCUFC and CUCE), as long as you have made the appropriate arrangements with your proctor. 

Ordering Additional Exams (CCUFC)

If you are sharing the 4th Edition FiCEP Part 1 and/or Part 2 modules, one person will receive one complimentary exam code with each set of purchased modules. The others will leave the Comp Code field blank on the Proctored Exam Request Form, and the credit union will be invoiced $50 per exam. For instance, if one person purchases the 4th Edition FiCEP Part 1 Kit (this kit includes a set of Part 1 modules 1-4), that person receives a complimentary exam code for the 4th Edition Part 1 exam. The next person who reads the modules without purchasing will leave the Comp Code field blank on the Proctored Exam Request Form, and the credit union will be invoiced $50 for the FiCEP Part 1 exam.

One Week Prior to the Exam

We recommend that you call your proctor at least five business days prior to your exam time and date. This way you can ensure that your exam has arrived and verify that your proctor has received the correct exam. If problems or questions arise, call CUNA immediately at 800-356-9655 ext. 4072.

To make the most out of your experience, please ensure that each computer on which you plan to take online exams meets these system requirements prior to the test date.

On the Day of the Exam

Each exam will consist of multiple-choice or true/false questions. Students may not bring reference materials, scratch paper or a calculator to their testing desk/chair. 

The exam booklet will be provided by your proctor, if a paper exam was requested. 

Verify all sections of the paper exams are completed correctly. This will minimize delays with grade processing.

Retake Exams

If a student has failed an exam, the student may immediately retake the exam (if mutually agreed upon with the proctor). 

Please note that it is not recommended that students retake the exam multiple times upon failing (initial take and one retake would be acceptable). Instead, it’s advised that students reschedule the exam retake for another time and take the opportunity to study the material again, prior to retesting.  


The student will need to request a retake exam as soon as possible by completing the Proctored Exam Request form at least four weeks in advance of the testing and indicate on the form that this is an exam retake. This allows time to process and mail exams (if applicable). Please note: A $100 Rush order fee will be billed to the credit union for any exams requested prior to the minimum four week turnaround time frame.