• To effectively market to credit union professionals, you must first understand the work they do, the goals they set and the things they value. Below is a helpful synopsis of what credit unions are all about as well as some resources that will bring you up to speed on events and issues in the movement.

    What’s a credit union?

    Credit unions are cooperatively owned and democratically controlled financial institutions focused on serving members and their community. Unlike competing financial institutions, credit unions return their profits to members in the form of lower fees and interest rates and higher yields.

    Why promote to credit unions?

    With more than 100 million members, credit unions are continuing to grow in the financial services market. As more consumers learn about the Credit Union Difference and discover the value of membership, the credit union movement will continue to expand, creating more demand for products that help credit union professionals serve their members.

    Through trade associations like CUNA and the state credit union Leagues, the credit union movement is also deeply interconnected, meaning that word spreads fast about quality products and services.

    Where can I learn more about credit unions?

    Resources to Assist You

    Credit Union Magazine
    Credit Union Magazine showcases innovative practices and people to help credit unions meet business challenges. Subscribe to Credit Union Magazine, and you'll understand the latest issues and trends affecting the credit union marketplace. Subscribe now.

    Credit Union Environmental Scan (E-Scan)
    CUNA E-Scan provides a broad view of the credit union landscape and covers trends in compliance, finance, lending, marketing and more. E-Scan is a powerful strategic planning tool for credit unions and service providers. Purchase the CUNA E-Scan Report now.