Consumer Protection

Where We Stand

Credit unions are the original consumer protectors in the financial services sector; commonsense consumer protection regulation recognizes that our structure and mission makes us different.  

Impact on Credit Unions

One-size-fits-all does not work for Main Street - local credit unions, small banks, and the consumers and small businesses they serve.  It has created a rigged system favoring the largest institutions that can afford to comply with these new, complex regulations. 

Victories We've Won

The NCUA sent a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of  (CFPB) outlining concerns/seeking exemptions for credit union from several CFPB rules and policies. 

CUNA participated as an amici in the PHH litigation challenging the structure and constitutionality of the CFPB.  

The resolution of disapproval for the CFPB Arbitration rule was signed into law.

The DOL Overtime Rule has not yet gone into effect.   

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