Examination and Supervision

Where We Stand

Credit unions support a regulatory scheme that minimizes the adverse business impact of regulations on credit union operations while ensuring that credit unions operate safely and soundly while providing cooperative financial products and services. 

Impact on Credit Unions

A robust regulatory environment need not impose excessive and unnecessary burdens upon credit unions and their members. CUNA monitors regulations and works with members, regulators and other industry stakeholders to minimize the impact on credit unions from examinations, compliance and other aspects of the supervisory process. 

Victories We've Won

Following the closure of the Corporate Stabilization Fund in 2017, Share Insurance Fund dividends were distributed to credit unions in Q3 2018. 


An extended exam cycle was adopted by the NCUA and an extensive overhaul of the examination and supervision process, including technical data reporting and call report modernization, is underway. 


The NCUA has taken action to modernize Field of Membership policies and procedures.  


The NCUA adopted a Member Business Lending rule to give credit unions greater flexibility and autonomy in offering commercial loans.

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