Credit Union Powers

Where We Stand

The rationale for expanded credit union powers is quite simple: credit union powers are based on their not-for-profit, member-owned, and community-based structure. Because credit union members own their financial institutions, the decisions credit unions make reflect the needs and interests of their memberships. This member-control is the basis for providing credit unions with wide authority to serve their members.

Impact on Credit Unions

Limiting the powers of credit unions does not adversely impact a board of directors or a group of stockholders, but instead the member-owners who want their credit union to serve all of their financial needs.

Victories We've Won

The Court granted NCUA's Motion to Dismiss in the case ICBA challenged the MBL Rule.

ANPR on Supplemental Capital is proceeding at the NCUA 

State Credit Union Act Modernizations were enacted in AL, FL, GA, IA, MN, ME, NE, NH, NC, OR, TN and WA. 

Prize-link Savings bills were enacted in AL, DE, MT and TX. A bill is pending in PA. 


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