Preserving the Credit Union Tax Status

Congress has provided the credit union federal tax-exemption because of the not-for-profit, cooperative structure of credit unions, and the special mission credit unions have to serve consumers. The credit union tax status is not based on the size of credit unions or the products and services that they offer; it is based on the credit union structure. This rationale for the tax-exempt status has been ratified several times by Congress.

There is no hiding the fact that the Federal government faces a significant budget crisis. A Presidential Commission recently recommended eliminating all tax expenditures. The credit union tax status benefits all consumers – credit union members and those who are not credit union members. Consumers benefit to the tune of $8 - $10 billion annually because credit unions are tax-exempt.

Credit union competition helps keep bank and savings and loan prices lower. For example, credit unions offering credit cards now charge lower interest rates than most other lenders (on average by two or three percentage points). Imagine how expensive other lenders would make credit cards, or auto loans, if credit union competition did not exist! But that is exactly what would happen if credit unions are taxed.

Grassroots Action Needed:
Credit union advocates should continue to defend that status by educating Members of Congress about why credit unions are tax exempt and the benefits of this status to the community. Please use the talking points and handouts below to educate Members of Congress and their staff.

Support Material

  1. Don't Tax My Credit Union Talking Points
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