Member Messages for Credit Unions on the Federal Shutdown

Use these messages to advise your members of the impact of the federal shutdown on your operations, their savings and continued service to them from your credit union.


The shutdown of the federal government has the potential for having a broad effect on people across the country, including credit union members. Your credit union wants you to know:

  • Operations will continue. Your credit union is owned and governed by you and your fellow members, and not the government (even if your credit union includes employees from one or many federal agencies within its membership). Your credit union’s operations will continue, as per usual, regardless of the federal government’s operating status.
  • Your savings are safe. Your savings are insured by an agency of the federal government – the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) – and the insured coverage of your savings will continue, uninterrupted. (In fact, credit unions completely fund the operations of the NCUA, which is also the federal regulator of credit unions; NCUA will continue to operate, and is not part of the shutdown). Your savings are insured to at least $250,000 per account.
  • Standing with you. Because we are member owned, and member directed, your credit union stands ready to work with you in the event that the shutdown causes you or your family financial uncertainty. Contact your credit union today to explore your options.


The federal government may have shut down, but your credit union has not – it remains ready to serve you and your family. Your credit union wants you to know:

We’re open. Your credit union is owned and directed by our members – it is not controlled by the federal government. Even if the membership of the credit union is largely made up of federal employees – or has the word “federal” in its name – your credit union is not part of the federal shutdown.

  • We’re here to serve. No one knows how long this interruption will continue. However, your credit union is ready to work with you, should you or your family face financial uncertainty. Contact your credit union today to talk about your options.
  • We’re a safe haven. The safety of your savings in your credit union remains as rock-solid as ever – that’s because the federal savings insurance protecting your savings (to at least $250,000 per account), remains in place, fully operational and unaffected by the shutdown.