People Helping People Trademark

Important Notice Regarding Use:

The phrase “People Helping People®” is a registered trademark owned by CUNA which has been used as a description of credit union philosophy since the early 1960’s.

Trademarks are proprietary property and, if used by others without a license, can cause the owner to lose its control and right to protect such property. In order to maintain the purpose, integrity and ownership of “People Helping People,” CUNA must monitor its use and prevent uses which could cause a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace.

Usage Guidelines:

  • CUNA serves as trustee of the trademark “People Helping People” for the benefit of the entire credit union movement.
  • “People Helping People” may be used by any credit union in connection with the services provided by credit unions – in promotional brochures, signs, letterhead, share drafts, etc.
  • CUNA has no objection to any credit union or credit union organization or anyone else using the phrase to describe credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”
  • CUNA will attempt to enforce appropriate use and prevent misuse of the phrase.
  • The registration symbol ® should be used with the phrase whenever feasible.
  • CUNA takes seriously its duty to monitor and control the quality of services offered under the People Helping People mark and may therefore require a credit union stop using the mark under certain circumstances.