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Search Tips

  • Search phrases are case-insensitive. A search for calendars will return the same results as CALENDARS or Calendars.
  • By default, multiple words have an "and" relationship. For example, the search phrase press room returns pages that contain both words, in any order.
  • To find pages with several words in exact order with no intervening words, use quotes. For example, "press room" returns pages that have both words together in that order.
  • Punctuation marks, such as period (.) and comma (,), as well as angle brackets (> and <) are ignored by the search.
  • The character & is treated as the word and. For example, the search phrases Home & Family Finance and Home and Family Finance will return the same results.
  • Use the wildcard character (*) to find words that start with a certain letter sequence. For example, affiliat* returns Web pages with "affiliate", "affiliation", and so on.
  • Products can be searched using their product number or SKU.