National CU Brand Campaign

National CU Brand Campaign

America's Credit Unions: Where people are worth more than money.

Important Notice Regarding Use
In order to protect the brand for use by all credit unions CUNA wants to remind credit unions that the brand is for use by all credit unions and that neither it or any modification of it should be considered as a potential name for one credit union.

"America's Credit Unions" and the linked hands logo is the national credit union brand that was introduced by CUNA and has been in use since July 1999 and registered as a collective membership mark for use by all credit unions in 2001 to show unity and membership in the credit union system.

CUNA is the owner of the trademark for all components of the national brand, "America's Credit Unions," linked hands logo and "Where People are Worth More than Money."

Trademarks are proprietary property and, if used by others without a license, can cause the owner to lose its control and right to protect such property. In order to maintain the brand's purpose, integrity and ownership, CUNA must monitor its use and prevent uses which could cause a likelihood of confusion in the marketplace.

Frequently asked questions about the National Brand Campaign

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Downloadable National Brand Campaign Logos for your own use

Examples of National Brand Campaign Signature Usage

View samples with the National Brand Campaign Logo to offer ideas for your own customization.

National Brand Campaign Research Documents

View a variety of reports and summaries regarding the development and thought process behind the National Brand.

Thanks to the California Credit Union League for generously sharing its 2004 Reno Cooperative Ad Campaign Study that tracked the effectiveness of an ongoing advertising campaign in the Reno, Nev. area. The survey, conducted by Strata Research, measures how the use of the national credit union brand "Public Education," "Comfort Zone," and "Switch" series of advertisements positively affected consumer awareness of credit unions.

You may also view the results of the 2003 Reno Cooperative Ad Campaign Study here.

Note: This information is for use by affiliated credit unions and state leagues. Because of the proprietary nature of the information, an access code is required. If you are an affiliated league or credit union and do not have an access code you can fill out this form to request access.

Non-affiliated credit unions wishing to obtain this information should call CUNA at (800) 356-9655, ext. 5778.

National Brand Campaign Tool Kit

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