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Credit Union Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

The initiative is a research-based, multi-year, targeted paid digital campaign developed by credit unions to increase consumer consideration for the credit union brand. The paid digital campaign is designed to work in collaboration with participating credit unions in each state who use the customizable marketing assets to connect themselves to the campaign. 

Prior to launching the Credit Union Awareness initiative, we conducted extensive consumer research to determine our opportunities and challenges as a movement. We started with a foundational baseline survey of 1,500 non-members and a consumer segmentation survey with 2,400 non-members. We also conducted nationwide focus groups with non-members and members that yielded insights into public opinion on credit unions. In addition, we have done regional research to better understand local perspectives and differences in attitudes across the country. ​

To measure our progress and inform the future of the initiative, we conduct bi-annual consumer surveys on consideration and quarterly brand health checks about credit union attributes. To learn more about research results, see our research page. 

A rising tide lifts all boats. We aim to drive consumers to credit unions. We need all credit unions engaged in this important work.

Our success measures are both campaign performance (reach, impact, connection, engagement) as well as longer term measurement of consumer consideration (bi-annual consumer research, brand health, consumer insights). We measure our progress through consumer engagement with the campaign and research efforts. 

The digital-first media deployment targets specific demographics, including millennials, as they look for financial services. Studies indicate the average age of credit union depositors in the U.S. is between 47 and 55. The average age of those engaging with and responding to the Credit Union Awareness initiative is 32. We are helping bolster and develop an entirely new audience of future credit union members using the medium they prefer to engage with.

The campaign is digital first. It deploys paid social media and other online outlets on channels where our core audience spends time. The Credit Union Awareness team runs the paid digital media campaign with the help of a digital media firm. Right now, target consumers will see paid digital advertisements on YouTube, Google Display Network, and Google Search. ​


Becoming a Participant

Organizations interested in participating should complete the Participation Form. After submitting the form, staff will follow up and get details to draw up a contribution agreement. After the agreement is signed, organizations will be granted access and an invoice will be sent.

With our media partners, we'll have a workable budget in your region. Although fundraising goals have been established to provide a foundational budget, we'll carefully evaluate options depending on the actual funds raised. 

No! The program is intended to complement existing credit union marketing. Participation should be in addition to existing marketing budgets. is our consumer-facing website that is part of the overall Credit Union Awareness initiative. All advertising will link to this website as a call to action.​ reinforces key campaign messages and includes a filter-enabled credit union finder. The data for the credit union finder is based on NCUA call reports and is updated quarterly. Need to make changes to your credit union listing on the finder? Reach out to

Yes! As a participant, your credit union is ranked at the top of a relevant zip code search results in the credit union finder on Additionally, your credit union is designated with a large blue star and the products/solutions offered are graphically highlighted (e.g. ATM, Small Business Lending, Mortgage Lending etc.) For interested credit unions, links to your membership and service pages can be customized with direct links.