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Credit Unions Improve Financial Well-Being for All

Fulfilling our mission

Credit unions serve our member-owners with a cooperative not-for-profit model that prioritizes the needs of individuals. We work hard to find solutions that meet our 130 million members where they are. After all, we serve them, not Wall Street investors.

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Improving financial well-being for all

Financial well-being is critical for people building a new normal. From the biggest cities to the smallest towns, credit unions put our members ahead of the bottom line to promote financial well-being and advance the communities we serve.

Putting people over profit means returning earnings to our members and providing market pressure that benefits consumers across the country. Credit unions account for more than $226 billion in economic impact every year.


Credit unions improve financial well-being

Nationwide poll confirms credit unions are better at improving financial well-being for their members than banks.

“It’s incredible to see that the average consumer, who knows how hard it can be to make their money work for them, recognizes credit unions as the best partner to keep them financially well,” said CUNA Chief Economist Mike Schenk, “The data has been there to show the billions of dollars credit unions return to members and their communities, but it’s very meaningful to see folks recognize credit unions as a force for good.”