Solutions for Board & Committees

A devoted credit union board member's work is never truly done

Make the investment on a credit union board more valuable, efficient and productive to drive success for years to come.

As a CUNA member, you receive access to a variety of free resources and significant savings on training.

Learn about credit unions and the movement

The credit union movement is based on core principles that differentiate credit unions from other financial institutions. Explore the history of the movement, the critical issues affecting credit unions today and how we can remain essential in the future.

Ensure credit union financials and operations are sound

Financial literacy is an essential skill for any board member as you provide oversight of your credit union's finances. Help your credit union stay ahead of ever-increasing regulations. Dive into more advanced financial topics. And take responsibility for your credit union's direction and control.

Improve credit union products and services

Be responsive. Be visionary. Changes in the credit union movement continue to accelerate and grow more complex. Ensure you're keeping pace. Review your current offerings regularly while exploring new ways to satisfy the ever-changing needs of members and the market.

Prepare for the future

Ensure that your credit union is sustainable. Shape a legacy by preparing it to be adaptable and well-positioned for growth in the years ahead.

Advocate for the credit union movement

The long-term success of the credit union movement depends on consistent advocacy at the local, state and national levels. Your involvement is crucial.

Personal advocacy


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