CUNA Culture Action Plan

Refining your culture for the future

Is your credit union's culture positioned to deliver consistently outstanding member experiences, even in the time of COVID-19 and your staff working from home?

CUNA Culture Action Plan provides an unbiased and holistic view of the credit union to deliver a benchmark, where the experience culture currently lies and to develop a comprehensive plan of taking it to the future desired state.

When a credit union requests this, everything from what your current employees and leadership think and feel to what your members have to say will be evaluated.

As a result of the CUNA Culture Action Plan, credit unions will:

  • Be guided where to dedicate resources to optimize overall performance
  • Identify undetected pitfalls that may be lurking ahead and how to repair them
  • Capture various perspectives from across your organization on what's working and not
  • Be able to prioritize initiatives and strategies to best leverage current resources
  • Receive an action plan for thriving in the post-pandemic world

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