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Trends that define the future of credit unions

Nothing stands still in the credit union movement; the future promises dramatic change, with new challenges and new possibilities. By relying on CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) for your strategic planning, you’ll stay ahead of the curve with insights on how to proactively address tomorrow’s challenges.

CUNA E-Scan provides comprehensive data and analysis on all the major areas of change in the credit union industry—including regulations, technology, marketing and economics—as well as trustworthy guidance on how to make sure your credit union is prepared.

Available in multiple formats

Whether you prefer your information in print, presentation, digital or mobile format, CUNA E-Scan provides the up-to-date credit union monitoring and analysis to broaden your vision and prepare your credit union for the challenges ahead.

E-Scan Strategic Planning Kit or ALL Electronic Kit  

Get year-round insight for solid board leadership and continuous credit union planning at a discounted package price.

E-Scan Report or E-Scan PDF  

Gain extensive insight into the credit union industry with the most trusted resource for annual strategic planning sessions. 

E-Scan DVD or E-Scan Streaming Video  

Stimulate thoughtful discussion during strategic planning sessions or staff and board meetings.

E-Scan PowerPoint  

Customize and focus your meetings and quickly build understanding and consensus with this easy-to-use presentation.

E-Scan Strategic Planning Guide  

Achieve your immediate and long-range strategic goals with this easy-to-follow planning guide. You’ll receive a planning overview, a pre-planning questionnaire, innovation exercises and planning worksheets.


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