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Credit Union HR Compliance Professional (CUHRCP) Designation

Stand out not only as an HR professional, but as one with specialized skills and credentials

Earn the Credit Union HR Compliance Professional (CUHRCP) designation and set yourself apart as a leader in credit union HR compliance. The CUHRCP designation distinguishes you as the go-to professional for HR compliance-related questions and establishes you as a leader in the area.

Top reasons to earn your CUHRCP designation:

  • Gain recognition and be the professional your credit union turns to for HR compliance expertise
  • Learn content specific to credit union HR compliance
  • Truly understand regulations and their implications
  • Understand how to apply what you have learned to your day-to-day work
  • Learn from your peers as you participate in daily networking opportunities

STEP 1:  Complete Pre-requisite Training

First year HR Compliance Certification School students are required to complete pre-requisite training before attending the school. Pre-requisite training is included in the school registration price and is delivered online. Approximately 60 days prior to the school, students will receive access to pre-requisite training, including additional instructions on how to prepare for the school. Pre-requisite content is the focus of the CUHRCP exam. Students receive a study guide with the pre-requisite content that they can use to study for the exam prior to arriving at the school.

STEP 2:  Attend an Exam Study Session and Take the CUHRCP Exam. Date to be announced.   

Students will participate in the CUHRCP group exam. Students are tested on what they learned during pre-requisite training only. The exam will be delivered and administered on July 24 in Denver, CO by Proctor U.

The exam is a proctored, closed-book, multiple choice exam.  Students will have two hours to complete the exam. Students who earn 70% or better on the CUHRCP exam, and have completed pre-requisite and classroom training, will earn the Credit Union HR Compliance Professional (CUHRCP) certification.

STEP 3:  Attend Classroom Training

After solidifying your fundamental HR compliance knowledge via pre-requisite training, attending the instructor-led study session and successfully completing the CUHRCP exam, you will join us for classroom training at CUNA HR Compliance Certification School with CUDoctor to dive deeper into HR compliance laws & regulations and hot topics, with a heavy focus on three areas:

  1. Reinforcement of the fundamental knowledge learned during pre-requisite training
  2. Learning new content and focusing on how to apply what you have learned
  3. Networking with your peers during and after class

To earn the CUHRCP designation, students must complete pre-requisite training, successfully complete the exam and attend all classroom training.

Upon completion of your CUHRCP designation, make sure to stay certified by renewing your designation every three years.

Attend CUNA HR Compliance Certification School with CUDoctor July 24 -27, 2022 in Denver, CO to earn your CUHRCP designation. For more information and to register please visit this website.

To maintain the CUHRCP designation, recertification is required every three years. Recertification is accomplished by attending CUNA HR Compliance Certification School.

To self-report your recertification, login at, go to My CUNA, then to My Designations.

Attend CUNA HR Compliance Certification School with CUDoctor to maintain your CUHRCP designation. 

Continue to set yourself apart as a leader in HR compliance by staying current on regulation changes, deepening and expanding your understanding of HR regulations and continuing to master how to apply that knowledge.

Returning students will attend new core classes and will have the opportunity to attend new and advanced elective classes that best fit their educational needs. In addition, designees will have the opportunity to continue to expand their network of peers through the many networking opportunities offered at the school.