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CUNA Certified Credit Union Board Member eSchool (recorded)

Recorded Available Until: December 30, 2022


Modeled after the 5-day CUNA Credit Union Board Certification School, the recorded eSchool follows the same curriculum in a condensed online version while offering the flexibility to take the courses at your own pace. 

At the end of the eSchool, you will be required to complete the exam. Sessions can be completed in any order. Here are the sessions you will be focusing on as you strive to earn your Certified Credit Union Board Member (CCUB) designation. 

Who Should Attend 

This eSchool is beneficial for credit union board of directors. 


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Speaker: Tim Harrington 

Every director should have a basic understanding of their financial statements, the trends and important ratios. Members depend on you. Through this session, you review basic financial statements, other financial reports as well as ratios and trends. 

Speaker: Tim Harrington 

Asset Liability Management (ALM) is about risk and how credit unions manage their growth risk. Through this session, you will be introduced to different types of risk and how they are managed. 

Speaker: David Reed 

Every product and service has compliance requirements. Follow along in this session to learn about the compliance landscape and what you need to know in your board role. 

Speaker: Tim Harrington 

Through this session, learn about the board governance process, defining the best and worst boards, governance strategies and best practices for boards. 

Speaker: David Reed 

Credit unions are more complex than ever; including your role as a board member. Explore this session to gain a better understanding of your board authority as well as liability. 

Speaker: James This 

The board only has one employee, the CEO. The board’s role in overseeing the CEO is critical to the mission and objectives of the credit union. 

Speaker: Jeff Rendel 

One of the most important elements of strategic thinking is considering how your credit union leads with purpose. Why do we exist, what is our goal, where is our vision and how are we going to get there? Examine this and more through this training. 

Speaker: Jeff Rendel 

Successful strategic plans are straightforward competitive approaches that articulate how your credit union will get from where it is to where you want it to be with tangible competitive advantages. Examine the strategic cycle in-depth in this session to identify the elements needed to execute your plan successfully. 

Speaker: Jeff Rendel 

What makes a credit union board or committee move from good to great? Dynamics, and meticulous attention to the details involved. Good dynamics help develop the effectiveness of every individual and the fine points of governance. Learn how to build your board – now – and for the future, and create one voice through team building, communications, differing opinions and consensus. 

Recorded eSchool length: 11.25 hours (1 hour and 15 minutes each)