Field of Membership

Field of Membership


Comments due to NCUA by February 8, 2016

NCUA’s Proposed Rule addresses the major field of membership improvements that CUNA requested in a June letter to NCUA and has continued to press the agency to make. We strongly support this proposed rule along with NCUA’s efforts to streamline the agency’s FOM processes. We strongly encourage credit unions to comment to NCUA voicing support of the agency’s efforts.

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The National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) proposed rule that would amend the Chartering and Field of Membership Manual making revisions to the agency’s Field of Membership (FOM) rules. Because credit unions are only open to certain segments of the population, as required by the Federal Credit Union Act (FCUA), the NCUA is tasked with promulgating regulations that determine who credit unions can have as members.

The major proposed changes are:

  • Core Area Service Requirement
  • Population Limit as Applied to a Well-Defined Portion of a CBSA
  • Use of Combined Statistical Area
  • Addition of an Area Adjacent to a CBSA
  • Congressional District
  • Rural District Population Limits
  • Exclusion of Non-Depository Institutions and Non-Community Credit Unions when Calculating the Concentration of Facilities Ratio
  • Reasonable Proximity through Members’ Online Access to Services
  • Inclusion of Select Employee Group Contractors in a Multiple Common Inclusion of Office or Industrial Park Tenants in Multiple Common Bond
  • Streamlined Determination of Stand-Alone Feasibility of Groups Greater than 3,000
  • Other Persons Eligible for Credit Union Membership