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Your monthly resource for the latest member experience solutions

Credit Union Front Line Newsletter provides your front line staff with a monthly resource to empower them and improve the member experience. With member experience strategies, risk-management tactics and real-life examples of outstanding member service, the newsletter offers training that staff can use to better themselves and their credit union.

Throughout the year, the newsletter also provides valuable training on:

  • Dealing with difficult members of staff
  • Mastering effective communication skills
  • Preparing for cybersecurity, robberies and other emergencies
  • Protecting credit unions from counterfeit currency
  • Recognizing member experience opportunities
  • Reducing stress and maintaining a work/life balance
  • Understanding need-to-know regulations

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Every subscription of Credit Union Front Line Newsletter includes six copies of each monthly issue, making it an affordable educational tool for your credit union.

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1 subscription $50M or less$260$465$617
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Print subscription $650$1,162$1,544


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A PDF subscription gives you flexible ways to distribute Credit Union Front Line Newsletter to staff. You'll have ongoing access to PDFs of each monthly issue and access to all back issues creating a useful library training tool for everyone.

Each month, you'll receive an e-mail giving you access to the new PDF files. You can email it to staff, post it for them on your intranet or download a copy to print, giving everyone quick and easy access.

Affiliated Credit Union Rates
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PDF subscription$1,744$3,367$4,875


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Free Webinars

Featured webinar:
Ten-Minute Training webinar (recorded) - featuring the article "Shine a Spotlight on Elder Financial Abuse," by Colleen Kelly, senior federal counsel with CUNA, in the August 2017 issue of Credit Union Front Line newsletter. Colleen discusses elder financial abuse and ways front-line staff can protect their elderly members.

Past webinars include: