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Network Credit Unions


Gain Efficiencies of Large Credit Unions
Retain Local Identity. Retain Local Leadership. Retain Local Strategy.

“You don’t have to be the biggest Credit Union, you only have to optimize the value your members can gain because you are part of a Network Credit Union.” --Desjardins

Network Credit UnionsIt’s a new concept based on an old philosophy. It’s a growth strategy alternative to the traditional merger. It’s the Network Credit Union option, an idea whose time has come. The Network Credit Union option creates a stronger organization, with advantages of economies of scale, local identity and local control. It transforms the win/lose of traditional merger into a win/win.

Participating credit unions each retain an Advisory Board of Directors and CEO. The vision maintains local identities with standardization of financial practices bolstered by centralized support. Specialized companies/CUSOs provide a broader base for nontraditional products like investment and insurance services.

It’s about making connections. Partnerships bring possibility.  Examine the Possibilities…

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