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Operational Research

Analyze your credit union's performance and optimize your service to be a competitive choice for your members. Learn more about how CUNA can help your credit union communicate your value to your members, compare your operating performance to industry benchmarks and gain a deeper understanding of your members' needs.

Enhance your strategy and achieve your vision.

Fees Report

Find out what other credit unions in your asset category and geographic region are charging. When members and potential members shop for services or a new financial institution, be positioned to cover costs, convert members to money-saving services and provide great service.

CUNA Benefits of Membership Report

Your CUNA Benefits of Membership Report shows how much money your credit union puts in members' pockets. Compared to banks, credit unions charge less for loans, pay higher dividends on savings and charge fewer and lower fees. In addition, competition from credit unions keeps bank fees, interest rates, and dividends more favorable than they otherwise would be.

CUNA Operating Ratios and Spreads Report

Size up your credit union's performance against other U.S. credit unions. This report has critical spreads and ratios categorized by asset size, common bond and state.

PCA Checkup

This is the ideal planning tool and/or board education tool. Your PCA Checkup calculates your credit union's net worth ratio and uses a series of tables and graphs to summarize the interactions between earnings, asset growth and net worth over time.

CUNA Turnover and Staffing Report

Compare the turnover and staffing levels at your credit union to others. Receive key insights into turnover and staffing levels to benchmark your credit union's levels.

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