Regulatory Burden Study

With the support of state credit union Leagues, CUNA commissioned Cornerstone Advisors to perform a rigorous analysis of the current financial impact of regulation on credit unions, and how much it has changed since 2010. The study found that the combined effect of increased costs and reduced revenues due to regulation amounted to at least $7.2 billion in financial impact for credit unions.

The full report provided by Cornerstone Advisors, as well as ancillary material prepared by CUNA is available below. Credit unions and policy makers are encouraged to read the complete report.

  1. Executive Summary
    CUNA’s summary of the Cornerstone Advisors' study
  2. Report of Findings
    Detailed report of Cornerstone Advisors' findings on regulatory financial impact
  3. Data Collection Instrument
    Form used to collect data in Phase II of the study
  4. The Complete Report
    Includes CUNA’s executive summary, Cornerstone Advisors' full report and the data collection instrument

  5. Regulatory Burden Calculator and Guide
    Used to calculate the credit union-specific financial impact of regulatory burden
  6. State-by-State Impact Estimates
    Estimates of the financial impact by state calculated by CUNA using the Cornerstone Advisors' results
  7. Regulatory Burden Study Leave Behind
    One-page flyer for hill visits and conversations with policymakers

  8. Ease the Burden Member-Facing Campaign
    Educating members on how regulation impacts them directly 
  9. Presentation at CUNA GAC
    Slides from a presentation of the results at 2016 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference