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With generous assistance from CUNA Mutual and COOP Financial Services, Credit Union National Association submitted an application for a “.creditunion” top level domain. Top level domains are the designations added to the right side of website addresses, like “.com,” “.org” and “.coop.” In November 2015, the new domain was added to the internet’s authoritative root joining over 1,000 new domains, including several dedicated to the financial services sector. 

Over the past several months, we have been working to finalize the policies that will govern the registration and use of .creditunion domains. We believe that these policies, coupled with the .creditunion extension, will provide an excellent tool for credit unions to provide a trusted online market to promote their products and services while providing members with a greater level of security and confidence. CUNA also sees value of the domain for purposes of promoting the credit union brand in the online space, as well as furthering the credit union movement overall.

At this time, we have not authorized any registrars to provide domain name registration services in the .creditunion domain, although several registrars have upon their own initiative created reservation lists. It is important to note that inclusion on these lists will not provide preferential access to domains with the registry.

Once our policies and procedures have been finalized, CUNA will make an announcement in early 2017 regarding when credit unions can officially register domains at a list of accredited registrars. The best way to keep abreast of developments regarding the launch of the .credit union domain is to sign up below:

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You can report abuse to Registry Compliance at 800-356-9655, ext. 4213 or email abuse@cuna.com.

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