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Strengthen your compliance foundation with CUNA RegTraC

CUNA RegTraC, the premier education and training resource for compliance professionals, was recently updated to provide you with more value! This real-time resource offers in-depth regulatory PDFs, covering:

In addition to the PDFs, you'll gain access to:

  • Supplement guides, checklists and decision trees to provide a deeper dive in various areas
  • A comprehensive training library with articles and recorded sessions
  • Exclusive CUNA RegTraC live events
  • The opportunity to participate in the new mentor program which pairs experienced compliance officers with new-to-the-scene compliance professionals

CUNA RegTraC is hosted on the CUNA Compliance Community, where you can:

  • Network with compliance professionals from across the country
  • Engage in discussions and exchange ideas and experiences
  • Share and access documents through an extensive file-sharing library
  • Read compliance news updates and insightful CompBlog posts

Order now and get CUNA RegTraC for $499 per year
($374.25 for credit unions under $50M in assets)

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Customize this Justification Letter to let your boss or a budget professional know about the value of RegTraC, and how it will help your credit union meet compliance requirements completely and efficiently. 

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