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Keeping member credit unions and leagues current on what and why we are doing for advocacy efforts including legislative, regulatory and state governmental affairs.
Posted February 03, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy
Lawmakers in Alabama, Illinois, Maine and Tennessee are considering legislation that would alter some credit union restrictions and operational requirements.

Posted January 27, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

New Georgia legislation will reduce compliance burdens and improve the operational environment for credit unions.

Posted January 27, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

In response to well-publicized data breaches, state lawmakers in Connecticut, Georgia and Oklahoma are considering legislation that would strengthen existing data breach notification laws.

Posted January 22, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

Washington State lawmakers are considering H 1318, which would permit state-chartered credit unions to accept supplemental capital immediately upon a change at the Federal level.

Posted January 19, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy
This week, bills were introduced in Nebraska and New Mexico that would positively impact the ability of credit unions to serve their members.
Posted January 13, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

This week, 36 states were in session and legislation was introduced that would expand both powers and protections for credit unions.

Posted January 08, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

Legislatures in 17 states convened this week and lawmakers were met with bills that would provide credit unions with the with the clarity, flexibility and powers to effectively serve their members.

Posted December 22, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

North Carolina regulators approve a temporary MBL rule to coincide with NCUA’s recent MBL Rule.

Posted December 16, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Patent trolling legislation is on the verge of being enacted in Michigan.

Posted December 12, 2016 by Ryan Donovan
A look at our advocacy accomplishments for 2016 and the opportunities that exist in 2017.
Posted December 12, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Here are some highlights from the past year. 

Posted November 11, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Post-election, Republicans will control both chambers of the legislature in 32 states, Democrats will control both chambers in 13 states and three states will split control. Control in New York remains influx.

Posted November 11, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Voters in California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada voted to legalize the use of recreational marijuana while Arizona voters rejected legalization

Posted November 03, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

In addition to the races for control of the White House and Congress, we are closely monitoring the contests for control of the state houses.

Posted October 20, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Prize-linked savings programs authorized in Massachusetts.

Posted October 11, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
For the last two years or so, we in the CUNA/League system have been talking a lot about “360 Degree Advocacy,” this notion that if public policy issues facing credit unions are addressed from all angles, and resources are brought to bear strategically and deliberately, the likelihood of a successful outcome is increased significantly.  Last week, we saw what 360 Degree Advocacy can do on two key issues – CFPB’s small dollar loan Proposal and NCUA’s supervisory improvement process.
Posted September 29, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
These clean energy loans will now come with expanded consumer protections.
Posted September 27, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
These two new bulletins touch on member business lending and examination of electronic payment systems.
Posted September 23, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

An Alabama task force is considering ways to improve the state's consumer protection laws, and the Georgia legislature is working to expand and strengthen data-security.

Posted September 16, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The new changes include a clear definition of what constitutes a household for purposes of credit union membership eligibility.
Posted September 15, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The California League worked extensively to pass this bill, which includes 7 provisions to modernize the California Credit Union Act.
Posted September 14, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This proposal, which would be the first of its kind in the nation, could require credit unions to have written policies on security procedures
Posted August 24, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This bill includes 7 improvements to credit union's chartered in California, and was well received by lawmakers as it passed through the assembly.
Posted August 24, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
These favorable changes affect credit union governance and towing lien issues.
Posted August 10, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Several panels and committees have discussed and voted on issues affecting credit unions, including elder abuse and taxation.
Posted August 08, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Our representatives will be present to promote credit unions and ensure that anti-credit union legislation is not adopted by any of the NCSL committees.
Posted August 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This ALEC meeting, and next weeks' NCSL meeting, present great opportunities for us to share the credit union difference with state legislators and fend off attacks on the tax status.
Posted July 25, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

State legislatures are considering and adopting legislation at a dramatically more frequently pace and their federal counterpart.

Posted July 13, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

League staff, along with CUNA's state advocacy counsels, will represent credit unions at two conferences of state-level policymakers. 

Posted June 24, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
These bills expand notification requirements for TNC's to their drivers.
Posted June 17, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
As several states expand these clean energy loan programs, credit unions and other lenders find themselves facing lien issues.
Posted June 10, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The legislation is comprised of six bills and amends the Michigan Credit Union Act in a dozen ways.
Posted June 07, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
State and federally chartered credit unions in Missouri now fall under the same account verification requirements.
Posted June 06, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
These two states join 17 others that now allow these account incentives.
Posted June 03, 2016 by DW CMS

The CFPB rule is intended to "coexist" with state laws, but would preempt state law in cases of inconsistency.

Posted May 26, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Credit Unions in Illinois, Missouri and South Carolina are on the cusp of receiving several new powers.
Posted May 20, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Michigan is close to updating its credit union act in more than a dozen ways, and the Arizona act now allows for director compensation.
Posted May 13, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
League advocacy in two states in bearing fruit for expanding credit union powers.
Posted May 11, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This new legislation will permit credit unions to offer savings promotions programs, also known as prize-linked savings accounts.
Posted May 10, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The new law includes protections for Iowa credit unions in their role as lienholders.
Posted May 06, 2016 by Chandler Schuette
This League-supported measure permits members to merely name their beneficiaries in the credit union’s records.
Posted May 06, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

This is another successful step in combating false claims of patent infringement from so-called “patent trolls.” 

Posted May 06, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
If this latest measure becomes law, it will likely restrict the rights of business owners to keep guns out of the workplace.
Posted April 18, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The bill permits state chartered credit unions to compensate directors and to substitute an audit committee for a supervisory committee.
Posted April 13, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This legislation is expected to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of Alabama’s state chartered credit unions
Posted April 07, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The bill replaces the comp and collision requirement with a TNC-capitalized lien recovery fund.
Posted April 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The Badger State has just updated it credit union act.
Posted March 29, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The new legislation addresses Federal Home Loan Bank participation and merger issues.
Posted March 25, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Legislation to update state credit union charters is nearing enactment in these two states.

Posted March 25, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The Georgia League has successfully carried three pieces of CU-friendly legislation to the desk of Governor Nathan Deal.
Posted March 25, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
New bills to stop abusive patent lawsuits are moving through several legislatures.
Posted March 22, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The legislation will amend lien procedures that currently impair the lending market surrounding PACE programs.
Posted March 18, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Both chambers of the Wisconsin legislature have passed the measure, which was successfully championed by the Wisconsin League.
Posted March 18, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The League and member credit unions beat back a tax-status attack using CUNA-supplied data.
Posted March 17, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
We are seeing renewed efforts in several states to implement retailer-friendly legislation, especially chip-and-pin requirements.
Posted February 26, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Several statehouses are considering legislation to update their credit union acts and expand credit union powers.
Posted February 19, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Our letter urged the Board to allow credit unions to accept IOTA (or IOLTA) accounts in Florida.
Posted February 02, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
In several states, legislation has been introduced that would create a private cause of action against any credit union that discriminates against a firearm and ammunition business by refusing service.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Indiana law places restrictions on how loans can be made to individual officers of state-chartered credit unions, including an aggregate limit on how much money an officer can borrow from the credit union.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The changes would ease the regulatory burden of Michigan credit unions and provide flexibility for credit unions to better serve members.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Legislation comes after a year of collaboration with Wisconsin regulator
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Legislation would allow credit unions to register a central location and person to be served with any lawsuits.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Two Virginia Credit Union League-supported bills were introduced in the Virginia House of Delegates.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The proposed law would lead to the inclusion of credit unions as another available option to administer the lending programs in Ohio communities.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The New York Credit Union Association is advancing bills that would permit credit unions to accept public deposits.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The Cooperative Credit Union Association is seeking an extensive recodification in Massachusetts.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
GCUA's bill would clarify that credit unions are included in the unauthorized practice of law exemption for financial institution operations.
Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Arizona legislation would modernize director compensation and governance requirements.

Posted February 01, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
The intent of the measure is to provide parity and ensure state chartered credit unions and federally chartered credit unions fall under the same account verification requirements.

Posted January 29, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Both the Wisconsin and Indiana Leagues successfully introduced regulatory relief legislation
Posted January 27, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This week, Georgia Credit Union Affiliates (GCUA) held its annual state governmental affairs conference in Atlanta.
Posted January 21, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
As data breaches continue to plague the nation, state lawmakers consider new measures to combat these occurrences.
Posted January 21, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
This legislation authorizes New Jersey credit unions to conduct promotions in which a minimum deposit in an amount predetermined by the institution qualifies for a chance to win prizes.
Posted January 19, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy
Two CU related bills have been introduced in Arizona
Posted December 07, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
Steps taken by the Minnesota Credit Union Network (MnCUN) eight years ago set the stage for last week’s proposed $39 million settlement between Target,credit unions, and other financial institutions for the retailer’s massive 2013 data breach.
Posted November 18, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
A recent effort by the retail industry to hype the power of chip-and-PIN technology to address data security problems seems to have fallen well short of its goal.
Posted November 13, 2015 by Chandler Schuette
New York’s credit union and bank regulator recently released potential new regulations aimed at increasing cybersecurity in financial services.
Posted November 05, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
With votes counted in Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia, the parties controlling state legislatures remain unchanged.
Posted November 01, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
A look at the Wisconsin Credit Union League's advocacy agenda for 2016.
Posted October 29, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
The Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL) successfully introduced updates to Michigan’s credit union act this week. The state’s credit union act has not been updated in more than 12 years and the changes would ease the regulatory burden of Michigan credit unions and provide flexibility for credit unions to better serve members.
Posted October 18, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
While Maine’s 2016 legislative session officially kicks off January 6, the Maine Credit Union League (MCUL) has already taken steps to benefit credit unions by seeking solutions outside of the legislative process and proactively meeting with House and Senate leadership. 
Posted October 05, 2015 by Chandler Schuette
The October edition of Credit Union Magazine features an article exploring the collaborative efforts by CUNA and the Leagues to strengthen and protect credit unions at the state level.
Posted September 23, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
As the California Legislature concludes the 2015 session, the California Credit Union League reported a successful year.  Among the League accomplishments are the advancement of data security legislation and the defeat of a bankruptcy bill detrimental to credit unions.
Posted September 23, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
The Cooperative Credit Union Association filed comments with the Massachusetts Legislature in support of a bill that would regulate the notice and processes for the storage and fees of abandoned motor vehicles.
Posted September 01, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy

The CUNA League partnership was alive and well today in Seattle as the National Conference of State Legislatures opened its exhibit hall for the first time at this year’s legislative summit.

Posted July 31, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy

As the annual Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) kicks off today in Seattle, CUNA and League staff are on the ground protecting credit union interests on an array of topics including the dual chartering policy, transportation network company insurance regulations, payday lending oversight and data security.

Posted July 28, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy
A bill that reorganizes and updates New Hampshire’s Credit Union Act was enacted.
Posted July 03, 2015 by CUNA Advocacy

The newly enacted "Rhode Island Identity Theft Protection Act of 2015," H 5220 and S 134, requires notification of data breaches within 45 days. If the breach impacts more than 500 Rhode Island residents, the attorney general must