Target Data Breach Survey


CUNA is conducting a brief survey of all CUNA/league member credit unions that offer debit and/or credit cards about the effects and costs of the recent Target data breach. The data collected by this survey will be extremely valuable as CUNA and the leagues represent credit unions to legislators, regulators, the media, and potentially the courts. This advocacy is necessary to minimize potential costs of the Target data breach, and to protect credit unions from harm from future data breaches. All affected credit unions are strongly encouraged to respond.

Credit unions may complete the survey anonymously, but you are strongly encouraged to include your charter number so that we can incorporate information from your 5300 Call Report, and also include your data in summary reports for your league. Your individual data will not be seen by anyone outside CUNA's research staff.

There is no deadline to complete the survey because some of the costs are yet to be incurred, especially since Target announced on January 10 that as many as 70 million individuals may have been affected. Please complete the survey as soon as you have reasonable estimates of any costs to your credit union associated with the breach. If you have already completed the survey and have learned of additional costs since that time, please complete the full survey again, reporting total costs since the beginning of the breach.

Follow this link to complete the data breach survey.

Follow this link to see Survey Results as of February 11, 2014

If you have any questions about the survey form, please contact CUNA's Meg Jelak, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4172, or

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