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The work of a devoted credit union volunteer is never truly done. Navigate today’s complex financial and regulatory environment by staying curious about new ways to lead your credit union towards growth and success. New opportunities for credit unions become available every day. Explore the options that fit your business and keep your credit union moving.

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White Papers and Case Studies  

-   CUNA Volunteer Leadership and Engagement, Best Practices for CU Boards
-   CUNA Volunteer Leadership and Engagement, 'Next' Practices for CU Boards
-   Enterprise Risk Management Case Study  

Upcoming Schools & Conferences  

CUNA National Credit Union Roundtable for Board Leadership
August 11-13, 2017 // Las Vegas

CUNA Economics & Investments Conference
August 14-16, 2017 // Las Vegas

CUNA Governance, Risk Management, Compliance Leadership Institute
October 2-4, 2017 // Denver, CO
CUNA Enterprise Risk Management for Directors combined with CUNA Governance, Risk Management, Compliance Leadership Institute in 2017.

CUNA Supervisory Committee & Internal Audit Conference
December 3-6, 2017 // Las Vegas

CUNA Enterprise Risk Management Certification School
December 4-6, 2017 // Las Vegas

CUNA Volunteer Conference
January 28-31, 2018 // Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

CUNA Volunteer Certification School
April 30-May4, 2018 // San Diego
CCUV Update Program
April 30-May 2, 2018 // San Diego

Featured Resource 
CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) offers an array of concise self-study courses for volunteers that enable them to quickly fill gaps in their credit union knowledge and get up to speed on various issues, from compliance to security to mortgage lending.

Top purchased VAP courses 
- Financial Reports for Volunteers ( online, print)
- Enterprise Risk Management for Directors ( print)
- Business Recovery Plans and Policies ( print)
- Electronic Fraud and Security ( print)
- Board of Directors: Duties and Responsibilities ( print)
- Bank Secrecy Act for Volunteers ( print)
- Asset-Liability Management for Directors ( online, print)

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