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Being the strongest advocate for credit unions is just the beginning

We're Credit Union National Association, or CUNA—the only national association that advocates for all of America's credit unions. That means everything from legislative advocacy to training to industry-leading events and products. Together with the Leagues, we work tirelessly to support, protect, unify and advance the credit union movement.

Your voice, your champion

As the strongest advocate for credit unions, we promote, build, support, protect, unify and advance the nationwide movement. We also train and guide credit union professionals as they navigate their challenges, projects and careers. We stand firmly in the corner of America's credit unions and work fiercely so you can better serve your members.



CUNA Collection and Bankruptcy School

Gain the knowledge and skillsets to solve issues from delinquencies to bankruptcy with efficiency and member-empathy at CUNA Collection and Bankruptcy School.  



CUNA Training & Events

Invest in growth for you and your credit union. CUNA's 2022 calendar of events features more than 70 face-to-face conferences, virtual conferences, eSchools and webinars.



CUNA Environmental Scan

Hear expert insight into the impact of industry trends with CUNA Environmental Scan. Gain the knowledge needed to make timely, future-focused decisions that keep your credit union agile.



CUNA HR Compliance Certification School with CUDoctor

Discover the intricacies of HR laws with real-world case studies and approaches. Sessions cover HR compliance requirements, hot topics, regulatory developments and skills to stay ahead of HR legal issues.

Current Topics & Events


Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS™

When it comes to compliance, you’ve got to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Discover a complete and centralized regulatory compliance management system that can be scaled to meet the unique needs and pain points of your credit union. 

Explore the benefits of CU CMS+


CUNA Professional Development Online

With the courses and training tools provided by CUNA Professional Development Online (CPD Online), each member of your team can learn at their own pace and in the way that suits them best.   

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Find and join a credit union

Looking to join a credit union? Good call.

Not-for-profit credit unions provide the same products and services as banks, but with unmatched service, convenience and cost. Not to mention credit unions return earnings to members rather than investors.

It's time. Join a locally owned credit union near you. (Seriously. You'll be glad you did.)