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Compliance is so much more than simply following rules—it’s being confident in your operational and business processes. That's why we provide thorough compliance information, deep resources and even entire systems. Working together, you can be confident you’re doing what’s best for your credit union.

Excellence in credit union compliance starts here.

Beyond the latest regulations and black-and-white rules, strong and efficient compliance requires elements of experience, insights, planning and wisdom—things our experts offer our member credit unions. We offer resources and references, access to experienced pros, an online community and even entire compliance management platforms. Count on us as your compliance resource.


CU CMS: The no-cost, easy way to keep up with regulatory compliance changes

Credit Union Compliance Management System (CU CMS) is a membership benefit for CUNA- and League-affiliated credit unions. With an entirely online platform, it provides alerts to changes in both federal and state regulations, guided workflows and an advertising review tool.


Have a compliance question?

Our team of experts is available to CUNA member credit unions to help answer compliance questions.

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Information & Resources

Our pros are ready to help you understand the latest compliance updates, new rules and regulations, even changes that may not take effect until many months from now. As a CUNA member credit union, be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource.


Stay up to date with our comprehensive e-Guide Summaries

Valuable e-Guide Summaries highlight compliance and regulatory changes and what they may mean to your credit union. Don't miss this insightful resource. 


Join your peers

The CUNA Compliance Community is a benefit of your membership. Read the latest posts, join the discussion and collaborate with fellow compliance professionals.


MAPR Calculators

Intended for estimation purposes only, you can use these helpful tools to calculate closed- and open-end loans. Each calculator also includes a helpful glossary of terms.

Events & Training

We offer a variety of industry-leading compliance events, both online and in-person. In addition, we're your resource for training programs and certifications at all levels, ensuring accurate, consistent and recognized learning.

Compliance professionals need thorough knowledge of compliance rules and regulations to be successful; however, they also need specific behavioral skills to effectively interpret, translate, and apply that knowledge on the job. See how our core competencies are woven into our events and training.

Compliance Offerings

You don't have to tackle compliance alone. Our tools, technology and training programs can help your credit union stay on top of its game.


Credit Union Compliance Management System™

A CUNA member benefit

As a benefit of your CUNA membership, CU CMS keeps you informed of regulatory changes and more. There's no software to's entirely online. And it's easy to get started.


Need a more comprehensive solution?

Learn more about Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS™

CU CMS+ brings a complete and centralized regulatory compliance management system that can be scaled to meet the unique needs and pain points of your credit union. It's your day-to-day compliance management solution.


A comprehensive educational tool vetted by experts

CUNA RegTraC strengthens your Compliance foundation

CUNA RegTraC provides easy-to-understand PDFs, supplemental guides, recorded trainings and other resources for compliance professionals at any experience level. Best of all, it saves time by making it easier to find the answers you need—without combing through complicated, hard-to-understand legal regulations.


Become your credit union’s vendor management specialist

CUNA, together with the Compliance Education Institute, offers web-based, self-paced courses and guides for credit union professionals that address the growing industry demand for specialized expertise in building and managing compliant vendor management programs.