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Protect Consumers’ Credit

Consumers across the country rely on credit cards to make life happen, from paying for groceries to covering emergency car repairs or medical expenses. Accepted nearly everywhere, credit cards offer robust security, fraud protection and access to credit that may not be otherwise available. Interchange fees, which are only a fraction of a cent per dollar transacted, make this possible.

Why you should care

  • Consumers have come to rely on credit cards to build credit and gain access to funds that otherwise may not be available.
  • Interchange fees cover the cost of fraud detection, credit monitoring, and fraudulent purchase protection benefiting both consumers and merchants. A less secure payment network could therefore raise fraud-related costs for credit unions and banks.
  • The Credit Card Competition Act threatens credit unions’ ability to provide important services to their members – including their ability to offer credit cards.

Debit card routing mandates and interchange caps mandated by the Durbin Amendment affected card issuers, consumers, and merchants in the past decade. Find out how this ten years of evidence provides clear insights on the consequences of implementing the current Big Box Bill. Download research from Cornerstone Advisors.

Where we stand

The current interchange payment system works to benefit consumers, credit unions, and merchants.  CUNA and the Leagues, together with other in the financial services industry, are working together to stop legislation aimed at changing credit interchange. 

What you can do

Oppose S. 1838/H.R. 3881 and help keep consumers' and businesses' data safe.

Take Action

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Madison Rose

Director of Advocacy & Counsel

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Engage Your Members of Congress

Interchange Works: Protect My Card

We have various resources you can use to learn more about this issue and engage your local lawmakers:

Contact your Members of Congress: Tell your lawmakers to keep the current interchange system that protects cards keeps the economy flowing.

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