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Electronic payments using credit or debit cards account for trillions in transactions every year. These transaction databases have rapidly become a target of cyber thieves and dark web data merchants. In 2020 over 300 million individuals were affected by data breaches and fraud rates have doubled since 2011 for financial institutions like my credit union. 

Where We Stand

The current interchange payment system works to benefit consumers, credit unions, and the merchants.  CUNA and the Leagues, in conjunction with the Electronics Payments Coalition, are working together to stop legislation aimed at changing credit interchange. 

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Interchange Works: Protect My Card

Consumers and merchants alike benefit from the current interchange system. However, some lawmakers in Washington, DC are looking to make changes that could impact card security for consumers, make it harder for people to access credit, and increase costs to small businesses. Tell your lawmakers to keep the current interchange system that protects cards keeps the economy flowing.

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