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CUNA is now America’s Credit Unions.
A stronger voice to advance the credit union industry.

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The Credit Union Impact Dashboard

The numbers tell the story: compared to banks and other financial institutions, credit unions are the best choice for consumers. A new interactive dashboard lets you see for yourself.

Proving our difference—with data

With more than 137 million members in the United States, how do credit unions stack up against banks and other lending institutions? Are they really providing more value for their members?

The numbers say yes.

Our Credit Union Impact Dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface to help you drill down national data and explore it on state and congressional district levels.

  • See live, interactive, and dynamic data and visualizations
  • Slice up, drill down and select specific factors as you like
  • Share data and visualizations to further reinforce your credit union's impact

Data to prove the credit union difference

See for yourself: When it comes to serving more members with more loans and better rates, it's hard to beat a credit union.