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Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS™

CU CMS+ delivers a more comprehensive approach, complete with enhanced tools and features for total compliance management.

Need a more comprehensive compliance management system?

Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS (CU CMS+) offers a comprehensive system-level solution from start to finish. Whether you’re looking to implement your first full-scale compliance management system or replace an existing one, our team can help you get started. Like the basic CU CMS platform, CU CMS+ operates entirely online with no software to install or manage. From there, modular capabilities are added to the system based entirely on the requirements of your credit union.

There’s a lot to consider. That’s why our compliance pros are here to help every step of the way. 

From an initial discovery conversation to training and post-launch support, one of the most powerful features of CU CMS+ has nothing to do with technology. Instead, it’s the confidence you’ll have in a compliance management system that’s done exactly right.


Have a look at the features and capabilities of CU CMS and CU CMS+.

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Download our savings calculator to determine the cost savings of investing in our compliance management system.  

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Learn more about why compliance technology matters

Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS™

Leveraging Technology to Manage Compliance

Discover the new solution for total Compliance management from Credit Union National Association (CUNA).  

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Compliance Management System Buyer’s Guide

Learn more about compliance management systems and begin to determine which one is right for your organization when you claim your free copy of the Compliance Management System Buyer’s Guide. 

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Policy & Document Management in Credit Union Compliance Management System PLUS

Are you tracking changes to your credit union’s policies, procedures, disclosures and forms with spreadsheets or track changes? Watch this short video to see how CU CMS+ allows you to have better insight into and control over changes, versions and needed updates. 

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Video Interviews

Compliance Management Systems

What are your top Compliance challenges? Quantivate Founder/CEO Andy Vanderhoff speaks with CUNA News about getting—and staying—in compliance.

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Using Technology to Aid Compliance Efforts

There’s no shortage of issues related to Compliance: Mortgage lending regulations, advertising, security concerns and more. Jared Ihrig, Chief Compliance Officer at CUNA, talks about how technology can help.

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Technology provider: Quantivate

Quantivate’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution provides credit union members with an easy-to-implement, scalable solution designed to grow with your credit union as it matures. The platform provides business applications in each of the following areas to help you monitor and mitigate risk, align policies and processes to organizational goals, track regulatory changes and verify compliance:

Business Continuity

An all-in-one solution for credit union business continuity planning and management.

Vendor Management

Manage the full vendor lifecycle and get a complete view of your credit union’s third-party relationships.

Enterprise Risk Management

Proactively identify, assess, and address risks across your credit union.

Complaint Management

Manage and automate the entire complaint lifecycle.

Internal Audit

Simplify your credit union’s internal audit processes and boost productivity.

IT Risk Management

Proactively identify, prioritize, and protect critical IT resources across your credit union.