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Our well-connected and bipartisan team, in collaboration with our League partners, delivers unmatched 360-degree advocacy for credit unions everywhere.

Credit unions advance communities

One member at a time

America’s credit unions remain focused on improving the financial well-being of more than 137 million credit union members across the country. We do this by ensuring every American has complete, affordable access to the knowledge and tools they need make confident and smart financial decisions. We put people over profit. 

As not-for-profit, member-owned financial institutions, we’re fighting for policies that will allow credit unions to continue to change lives, with real results for real people.

2023 Credit Union Priorities

Sekou Andrews

Preserve the Credit Union Tax Status

Credit unions exist to serve our communities. That’s not just our mantra; it’s also our Congressional mandate. Removal of that tax status would threaten the survival of the nation’s 5,200 credit unions; it would erode the financial well-being of more than 137 million credit union members; and it would result in the loss of the broader benefits credit unions provide to communities across the country.


Sekou Andrews

Protect Consumers’ Credit

Consumers across the country rely on credit cards to make life happen. From paying for groceries and to covering emergency car repairs, credit cards offer robust security, fraud protection, and access to credit that may not be otherwise available. Interchange fees, which are only a fraction of a cent per dollar transacted, make this possible.


Sekou Andrews

Empower Consumers to Manage Their Finances

Credit unions offer overdraft protection services as a convenience and accommodation for their members. Consumers turn to overdraft protection as a flexible option during times of financial distress. Their alternatives may be high-interest, predatory payday lenders or other underregulated creditors.  


Sekou Andrews

Modernize the Federal Credit Union Act

Changes in the financial services landscape and evolving consumer expectations have shifted the way people use and view their money. It’s time to let credit unions provide members across the country with 21st century solutions.


Sekou Andrews

Right-size Regulations for Credit Unions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was originally designed to support and protect consumers. But it has strayed far from that mission and routinely harms the original consumer financial protectors: credit unions.


Everyone deserves access to affordable financial services. Credit unions are the best financial partner to help people help themselves. View all priorities we are fighting for.

Credit unions improve financial well-being for all

In its simplest form, financial well-being for all is the credit union difference. The work credit unions do day in, and day out make this possible.

State-specific data and information

Access important data and information specific to your state that highlights the credit union difference.


CUNA-League system most credible trade association

Ballast Research study of Washington policymakers found the CUNA-League system the most influential financial services association for the sixth year. 

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The Compendium of CUNA Policies on Legislative & Regulatory Issues

This compendium outlines the authority and direction for key policies CUNA is fighting for.

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