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2016 Election: State Results
Posted November 11, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

As we noted last week, we are paying close attentions to the contests at the state level. Heading into the election, Republicans controlled 67 of the nation’s 99 legislative chambers, and Democrats controlled 31 (Nebraska is unicameral and nonpartisan). Republicans held 31 governorships, Democrats held 18 and independents held one.  

Post-election, Republicans will control both chambers of the legislature in 32 states, Democrats will control both chambers in 13 states and three states will split control. Control in New York remains influx. According to NCSL, the election resulted in the following chamber party changes:

  • Three chambers switched from Democratic to Republican control:
    • Kentucky House
    • Iowa Senate
    • Minnesota Senate
  • Four chambers switched from Republican to Democratic control:
    • New Mexico House
    • Nevada Assembly
    • Nevada Senate
    • Washington Senate (Republicans, however, will have functional control as one Democrat will caucus with the Republicans.)
  • And one chamber will be tied:
    • Connecticut Senate

While North Carolina has yet to call its gubernatorial contest, we know that Republicans will hold at least 33 governorships and Democrats will hold at least 15.

A number of state lawmakers also sought Congressional seats last night and 13 were elected. Among them, 10 have been identified as pro-credit union and were supported by CULAC. The race for the Louisiana 4th featuring State Representative Mike Johnson, will be decided in a December run-off.