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CUNA Files Comment Letter to NCUA on 2017-2021 Strategic Plan
Posted April 04, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

Back in February, the NCUA Board issued a request for comment on its 2017-2021 Strategic Plan.  Although NCUA also produces an annual performance plan that contains more details on how NCUA intends to meet its goals, this plan is not open for comment. So today we filed a comment letter on the Strategic Plan, which included several suggestions. The Strategic Plan sets three basic strategic goals for the agency:

  • Ensure a Safe and Sound Credit Union System
  • Promote Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy
  • Cultivate an Inclusive, Collaborative Workplace at NCUA that Maximizes Productivity and Enhances Impact

Our letter suggested that improving the exam process should a prominent part of NCUA’s strategic plan.  Exam improvements are obviously a relevant part of NCUA’s work, since the agency is currently working on overhauling its Call Report and AIRES software, and holding discussions on the possibility of implementing an extended exam cycles for smaller CUs. 

We also suggested that NCUA should look to decrease burdens from the supervisory process through these software and exam updates, and by implementing more remote supervision. These are all major initiatives that we believe should be addressed in the strategic plan, along with metrics to ensure that goals are met.