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CUNA Seeks Feedback on the TCPA and Your Credit Union

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has added a number of compliance burdens to credit unions and has adversely affected the way credit unions can communicate with the members they serve.   

In March, CUNA met with the FCC’s Chairman's office to discuss the many problems credit unions face when attempting to understand complex FCC interpretations of the TCPA and come into compliance with it. They also remain concerned with frivolous class action litigation as a result of the unclear guidance.  CUNA appreciated FCC Commissioner O’Reily highlighting the need for reform to the TCPA at an industry meeting in the beginning of May.  He also included a strong critique of the FCC's past interpretation of the law. 

In order to best measure and present the compliance burdens and costs associated with the TCPA, CUNA sent out a survey to member credit unions this week.  

Link to Survey  

Please take a few minutes to review and complete this confidential survey (or send it to a designated member of your staff).  At the end of the survey is an opportunity to include contact information if you or your credit union is interested in discussing your TCPA concerns directly with one of CUNA’s regulatory attorneys.