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Credit Unions Well Represented in Boston for NCSL Legislation Summit
Posted August 03, 2017 by CUNA Advocacy

Beginning this weekend, representatives from the credit union industry will descend upon Boston, MA for the Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). At the Summit, CUNA, CUNA Mutual, AACUL, the leagues and local credit unions will lead a campaign to increase awareness of credit unions among state lawmakers. The campaign will include the America’s Credit Unions logo blazoned on the conference Wi-Fi splash page, the conference hotel key cards and the conference lanyards.

In addition to an extensive marketing campaign, industry representatives will serve as panelists on information sessions. CUNA Chief Advocacy Officer, Ryan Donovan will participate on Dodd Frank: Change on the Horizon?  and Jeffrey Gerard, Senior Vice President, Greylock Federal Credit Union, will participate on Financial Services for Marijuana.  Further, to ensure no policies arise that harm credit unions, America's credit unions will be represented in several meetings and sessions of the Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce Committee as well as the Task Force on State and Local Taxation. 

Similar to year’s past, we will greet lawmakers at the America’s Credit Unions’ booth in the exhibit hall. Leagues represented at the booth include the Cooperative Credit Union Association, the Maine Credit Union League, the Illinois Credit Union League, the Ohio Credit Union League, the Northwest Credit Union Association, the Kentucky Credit Union League, the Minnesota Credit Union Network, the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, the Georgia Credit Union Affiliates, the Cornerstone Credit Union League, the Tennessee Credit Union League, the Maryland and DC Credit Union Association and the Credit Union Association of New Mexico. Credit union notebooks and high tech giveaways will be distributed to booth visitors. 

Engagement at the NCSL Legislative Summit is especially important because many state legislators go on to serve at the federal level. In fact, nearly 50 percent of the members of the current Congress are former state lawmakers. Because the former state legislators are familiar with credit union issues from their time in state office, it is easier to advance those issues when they reach federal office.