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Email to the Hill: Keeping your constituents prepared and protected
Posted April 14, 2020 by CUNA Advocacy

On Monday, CUNA wrote to all 535 Congressional offices prior to the Economic Impact Payments hitting accounts later this week.  The email reminded Congress and their staff about the work credit unions are doing to ensure their members are prepared and protected.

Good afternoon,
With over 300 million Americans set to receive relief payments in the coming weeks, America's credit unions are working proactively to ensure that your constituents are prepared and protected.  
That's why America's credit unions are working hard to protect their members amid the ongoing uncertainty over these payments by:  

America’s credit unions are committed to ensuring that your constituents have fast, secure access to these vital funds to keep them on their feet during these trying times.  
To see how credit unions in your area are serving your constituents through the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, please reach out, today.