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FCC Commissioner Makes Strong Argument for TCPA Reform

During remarks at an industry conference this week, Federal Communications Commissioner (FCC) Michael O’Rielly highlighted the need for Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) reform.  

His remarks included a strong critique of the FCC’s past interpretation of the TCPA. He stated, “As you are well aware, prior decisions by the Federal Communications Commission and courts throughout the country have expanded the boundaries of TCPA far beyond what I believe Congress intended, as evidenced by the actual wording of the statute.” Further adding, “With the change in Administration, new leadership at the Commission and a new Bureau head overseeing TCPA, we have the chance to undo the misguided and harmful TCPA decisions of the past that exposed legitimate companies to massive legal liability without actually protecting consumers.” 

He outlined three overarching points about the TCPA: 

  • Legitimate Businesses Should be Able to Make Informational and Telemarketing Calls 

  • Valid Callers Should be Able to Operate in an Efficient Manner 

  • The Commission Should Focus on Actual Harms and Real Bad Actors 

O’Rielly in his remarks also specifically encouraged Associations to seek TCPA reforms. He stated, “I expect that any effort to change TCPA rules, even to make them more rational, will be met with hysterical claims about the harms that will come to consumers. It will be helpful for legitimate companies and associations across all parts of the economy to work together to show the steps they are already taking to avoid unwanted calls and highlight the specific benefits of being able to contact consumers. That hasn’t occurred in a coordinated manner to date and the failure to do so helped produce the mess you face today.” 

CUNA has been strongly advocating before both the FCC and Congress to reform the TCPA. 

To read the full remarks click here.