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FCC Continues to Target Ways to end Illegal Robocalls

In March, the FCC proposed a rule that would codify the “Do-Not-Originate” initiative proposed by the FCC and launched by the industry strike force.  The initiative does not impact credit unions but rightfully targets illegal bad actors. 

The program would allow phone carriers to block spoofed caller ID numbers associated with phone lines that do not actually dial out and would allow carriers to continue to block calls upon the request of the subscriber.  

Earlier this week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) met with their Robocalls Working Group to discuss recommendations and the next steps to stop illegal robocalls.  During the meeting, the following recommendations were made:  

  • For those service providers that have implemented any of the above, they should inform consumers of those implementations. 

  • The FCC should encourage stakeholders from consumer and industry sectors to collaborate to address unintended consequences. 

  • The FCC should encourage voice providers to offer consumers other, optional, categories that can be blocked. 

  • The FCC should study the effectiveness of these methods after two years in place. 

CUNA supports the Commission’s efforts to stifle bad actors, which should be the focus of rules rather than member friendly communications made by credit unions.