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Georgia League Sends 3 CU-Strengthening Bills to the Governor
Posted March 25, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

The final week of the Georgia session was a busy one, as three League-championed measures were sent to the Governor. The Credit Union Clarification for Lending/Operation Procedures bill, H 759, clarifies that credit unions are included in the exemption that permits them to lend, initiate HELOCs, discuss issues with members and address compliance issues without an attorney present. From an operational standpoint credit unions have been treated as though they were included in the exemption – however, by the letter of the law, they are not.

The Garnishment Process Overhaul Bill, S 255, was also sent to the Governor for consideration. This bill seeks to correct Georgia’s garnishment process after a federal judge ruled the garnishment statute unconstitutional in 2015.

The Department of Banking and Finance's Housekeeping Bill, H 811, also passed both legislative bodies. The measure revises laws that impact credit unions, banks and other financial entities. The bill’s benefits to credit unions include:

  • Streamlined federal parity;
  • Authority to remove or suspend a director; and
  • Permission to hold real estate without Regulator approval

The League also successfully amended the Firearms Dealer and Manufacturer Discrimination Act, S 282, to include language that both protects credit unions from discrimination claims for denying service due to membership restrictions, and provides parity between state and federal charters regarding preemption.