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NCUA’s Posts 2017/2018 Draft Budget to Website
Posted October 14, 2016 by CUNA Advocacy

NCUA posted their proposed 2017/2018 budget to their website today.  NCUA is making the draft budget public before being adopted by NCUA Board this year to allow credit unions to review the budget before NCUA holds a public budget briefing at their Alexandria headquarter on October 27, 2016. Unfortunately, the proposed 2017 budget reflects a 2.8% increase, or $8.2 million, from the 2016 Board with an estimate for 2018 of $313.1 million.

Seeing some of the budget materials in advance will help credit unions make more informed comments to NCUA; however, we are disappointed that NCUA’s budget continues to increase.  CUNA is reviewing the budget proposal and will make detailed comments to NCUA at the October 27 public briefing.