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TCPA Petition: Member Webinar Held to Discuss Petition and CU Participation

CUNA and counsel addressed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) petition recently filed with the FCC with more than 230 credit union professionals in a member webinar on Wednesday afternoon. 

“With new leadership at the FCC, we recognized there might be an opportunity for some relief from the onerous TCPA requirements we’ve been seeing over the past few years,” said Leah Dempsey, CUNA Senior Director of Advocacy and Counsel. “FCC Chairman [Ajit] Pai and Commissioner {Michael] O’Rielly, who are now in the majority at the FCC, were dissenters to the 2015 order that has been so problematic for credit unions.” 

CUNA has asked the FCC for an exemption for certain calls and texts from credit union to members’ cell phones from the TCPA’s prior consent requirement. The FCC issued CUNA’s petition for public comment last week. 

If granted, the exemption would apply to: 

- Wireless informational calls to credit union member-owners with whom the credit union has an established business relationship; or  

- A call or text that is free to the receiving party. 

CUNA provided the FCC with a clear road map as to how credit unions and their members are impacted by the lack of clarity surrounding compliance with the TCPA. 

In addition to submitting the petition and hosting the webinar, CUNA also:

- Created a webpage with the latest TCPA Information

- Reached out the NCUA & CFPB to request support for the petition;

- Finalizing a Grassroots Action Center for credit unions to participate in the process;  

- Is in the process reaching out to Members of Congress; and 

- Working with coalition partners to back the petition. 

CUNA is excited about the opportunity for the credit union system to participate and inform the FCC of how the TCPA affects the way they communicate with their member-owners. 

A recorded version of the webinar is available for CUNA members.