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CUNA Economic Update

CUNA Economic Update videos provide monthly overviews of the economy and its impact on credit unions.

October 2023: Presentation

September 2023: Presentation: September Economic Update (Presentation)

August 2023: Presentation: July Economic Update (Presentation)

July 2023: Presentation: July Economic Update (Presentation)

June 2023: Presentation: June Economic Update (Presentation)

May 2023: Presentation: May Economic Update (Presentation)

April 2023: Presentation: April Economic Update (Presentation)

February 2023: February Economic Update (Presentation)

January 2023: January Economic Update (Presentation)

December 2022: December Economic Update (Presentation)

November 2022:  November Economic Update (Presentation)

October 2022: October Economic Update (Presentation)

September 2022: September Economic Update (Presentation)

August 2022: August Economic Update (Presentation)

July 2022: July Economic Update (Presentation)

June 2022: June Economic Update (Presentation)

May 2022: May Economic Update (Presentation)

April 2022: April Economic Update (Presentation) (Full Forecast Report)

March 2022: March Economic Update (Presentation)

February 2022: February Economic Update

January 2022: January Economic Update (Presentation)

December 2021: December Economic Update

November 2021: November Economic Update (Presentation)

October 2021: October Economic Update (Presentation)

September 2021: September Economic Update (Presentation)

August 2021: August Economic Update (Presentation)

July 2021: July Economic Update (Presentation)

June 2021: June Economic Update (Presentation)

May 2021: May Economic Update (Presentation)

April 2021: April Economic Update (Presentation)

March 2021: March  Economic Update

February 2021:  February Economic Update (Presentation

January 2021: January Economic Update (Presentation)

November 2020:  November Economic Update (Presentation)

October 2020: October Economic Update

September 2020: September Economic Update (Presentation)

July 2020:    July Economics Update (Presentation)