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Access Instructions for Webinars and eSchools

CUNA webinars and eSchools use Adobe Connect, a web conferencing technology from Adobe, that allows for live virtual meetings. Whether this is your first time attending a CUNA webinar or eSchool, or you simply need a refresher, review these helpful steps and frequently asked questions below.

To attend, you will need a computer, tablet or mobile device with a strong internet connection. Details regarding your registration will be emailed 24 hours prior to the event. If you register for a webinar or eSchool on the day of the event, please call 800-356-9655 or email for assistance.

Recorded Event

All registrations include credit union access to a recording of this event. Recorded events are available within 48 hours of the live event. Recorded events can be accessed by logging into My Account using your CUNA website username and password.

 Windows & Mac OS

  • Latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome
  • Tablet/computer speakers or telephone
  • Wired internet connection recommended 
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of the Adobe Connect Add-in downloaded
  • Work with your IT department to make sure these ports are open on your server: Port 80, Port 443.


 Please Note: Recorded playback is not supported by the Adobe Connect Mobile App, as well as some pods including the downloadable handout pod.

  • Close email and IM programs not being used.
  • Close any VPN connections or other programs that lower bandwidth.
  • Log in to the webinar room 15 minutes early to ensure you have a successful connection.
  • Do your best to minimize distractions by turning off radios, cell phones and other sources of noise.
  • If possible, close your door and/or let your colleagues know you’re participating in a CUNA webinar.
  • Remember, you can ask a question at any time via the attendee chat pod. The speaker may not answer right away, but we will make sure all questions are answered.
  • Help us maximize everyone’s experience by staying involved – please participate in any polls and/or questions asked by the speaker.

Q: Why didn’t I receive an invitation to my registered event?

  • Your email invitation will be sent 24 hours prior to the live event, as well as the morning of the event. If you register for a webinar or eSchool on the day of the event, please call 800-356-9655 ext. 4249 or email for assistance.

 Q: How do I log in to Adobe Connect?

  • You will receive a link to the webinar room with the email invitation 24 hours in advance. After clicking the link, login as a guest and type your first and last name to enter the room.

 Q: I am logged in via my computer but can’t hear anything. What do I do?

  • If you are early and the meeting hasn’t started yet, the audio portion may not be connected yet. If the webinar is already in progress and you still can’t hear anything, please check your computer to be sure your speaker volume is turned up.
  • If you still can’t hear, try the back-up phone option that is always listed in the webinar room.

 Q: The meeting audio isn’t consistent (fades/choppy). Is there anything I can do to improve it?

  • Occasionally you may hear breaks in the audio; these are due to temporary bandwidth issues between your location and the Adobe Connect server. The sound will come through again shortly and there will be no loss of “content” – just momentary breaks in the audio stream.

 Q: I hear an echo – what do I do?

  • An echo occurs if you have the meeting room open multiple times. Please close any extra Adobe Connect windows. Also, if you’re listening via the phone, please make sure to mute your computer speakers.

 Q: The presentation slides are difficult to see.

  • You can make the PowerPoint full screen by clicking on the four-arrow icon in the top right corner of the presentation slides.

 Q. How can I get a copy of the presentation?

  • A PDF copy of the presentation will most often be provided in the email invitation. However, it can always be located in the webinar room, as well as with the recording.

 Q: Will the webinar be recorded?

  • Most CUNA webinars and eSchools are recorded and made available for 12 months. The recording is made available to all registered attendees within 48 hours after the live event takes place, and can be found by logging into My Account using your CUNA website username and password.

For any questions regarding CUNA webinars and eSchools, please email