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GreenPath Financial Wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness: Turn Your Financial Dreams Into Reality

Empowering people to lead financially healthy lives

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a national non-profit working to “Remix the American Dream so that it works for everyone.” Since 1961, GreenPath has focused on counseling and educating credit union members to manage debt, prepare for large purchases, and make informed financial decisions.

With most Americans carrying debt and few saving money for retirement, credit unions are uniquely positioned to positively impact their members. More than 450 credit unions partner with GreenPath to increase member engagement, lower delinquencies, drive product growth, and enhance marketing.

GreenPath works with members to:

  • Defuse financial crisis and improve cash flow
  • Introduce tools and resources for making wise financial decisions around housing, student loans, credit and savings
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck and build financial resilience

Working with GreenPath isn’t a transaction—it’s a partnership. They support your credit union’s goals by working closely with your staff to enhance their knowledge and create an environment where financial wellness is as important as a checking or savings account.

Contact the GreenPath team today. Give your members and employees a brighter path to their personal American dream.

What credit unions are saying

 We love our partnership with GreenPath! We always say we don’t know why every credit union isn’t partnered with you. It’s such a great benefit for our members in so many ways. You’re welcome to quote me and we would be happy to serve as a reference for you any time! 

Debbie Pidek, Executive Vice President, Communications/CCO, Gulf Coast Community FCU

 Our partnership with Greenpath has been a great benefit to Connexus Credit Union. Greenpath is someone that we trust when we refer our members to them. We know they will treat our members with the respect they deserve, and will help lead them to a better financial future. From the beginning, the service that our members and our staff have received has been nothing short of fantastic! Keep up the great work! 

Hal Osborn, Vice President Credit Union Services, Connexus CU

 GreenPath’s financial counselors are very responsive and proactive as they play a key role in assisting our members with rebuilding their credit. Several members have told us how their experience with GreenPath has helped them budget and take control of their finances. Our members appreciate the initiative and are very grateful that we offer this financial counseling service to them free of charge. 

Shannon Frost, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Family First CU

 The customer services level we receive from our representative and GreenPath as a whole is proactive, helpful, and exhibits an unquestioned desire to make the program succeed for the institution, and in effect, all of our members who desire a fresh start to their financial well-being. Thank you GreenPath for showing us what we have missed out on for so long. 

William Frye, VP Marketing, Cornerstone Financial CU

 Having partnered with a competitor for some time, we were dissatisfied with the results and immediately began the process of looking into GreenPath’s program as an alternate solution. I am happy to report that the program is now in place with much success and praise by all. The success of this program is proof that we are making a difference in our members’ lives. I offer high recommendations for GreenPath’s program without reservation. 

Anna Smith, Product Developer, Arizona State CU

 GreenPath works so closely with our credit union that we consider them, not only a partner in providing ‘Wow’ service to our members, but actually more like a department of GenFed. It’s so easy to contact GreenPath for any reason. We work hand-in-hand with GreenPath to help our members improve their financial lives. The counseling services GreenPath offers are stellar, but the benefits of the partnership go deeper. Use of their community education materials enabled us to help our community through workshops open to the community. Thank you GreenPath for being a valued part of the GenFed team! 

Christy Young, Senior VP Lending & CFO, GenFed Financial CU

 We now have somewhere to send our members who need help that we can’t give them. We value and appreciate the services we can offer to our membership through our partnership. 

Karen Church, President, ELGA CU

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