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CUNA-League System Small CU Webinar Series

August 4, 2020 - Spring 2021

Connect with other small credit union peers nationwide via the CUNA Small Credit Union Community. Sign up for the Daily Digest when prompted. Please email Tom Sakash, CUNA Manager of Small Credit Union Initiatives, if you need help.

Combining the resources of CUNA-League System to provide actionable, relevant and operation-improving best practices while bringing free education to small credit unions on the most important issues they face. CUNA-League System Small CU Webinar Series will be live webinars that take place at 3 PM ET (2 PM CT), beginning August 4, 2020 and running through Spring 2021. They will be 60- to 90-minute webinar sessions that will be recorded and uploaded to this page. This series demonstrates the difference we can make when CUNA and your Leagues collaborate to support the credit union movement.

While subjects are wide-ranging, the webinars will aim to answer many of the biggest questions facing small credit unions, including how to gain new members, strengthen their lending, improve board engagement, invest in technology, continue serving members impactfully and many more.

Thanks to all Leagues for their participation in this webinar series. And a big thank you to our sponsors CUNA Mutual Group and LSC.

Each webinar will be recorded and uploaded to this page once finished. Check back each week for the uploaded session.

Title: New member growth: Learn from the best in the industry
Hosted by: Credit Union National Association 
Speaker: Tom Sakash, manager Small CU initiatives, CUNA 
Panelists:  Teri Robinson, Mira Ness & Winona Nava

Session Description: CUNA Manager of Small CU Initiatives Tom Sakash will lead a panel discussion with small credit unions who are adding members like you WISH you were. They will share what's working, and how you can replicate their success at your credit union. By the end of the webinar, you will absolutely be asking yourself: “What's in the box?”

Title: Revising your budget following COVID-19 Pandemic
Hosted by: Minnesota Credit Union Network
 Kris Jacobsen

Session description: Never in history have we experienced change at the velocity we have seen in 2020.  Any and all plans went out the window - including many budgets. Credit unions have had to react and respond to serve members in immediate new ways. So what's next, and how do we start planning again? Budgeting post COVID19 will be critical for credit unions if we are to come out of this pandemic stronger then when we all went in. Join us for a panel discussion with several Minnesota Credit Union colleagues to share ideas and best practices as we work to budget in the new normal. 

Title: Getting to know your members A LOT better and why DEI matters

Hosted by: Wisconsin Credit Union League   
Speaker:  Josh Roberts

Session description: For credit unions to be effective in serving their communities, they must first understand the diversity in their communities. The focus of diversity, equity, and inclusion are so much more than visible characteristics, and what separates us, but rather what makes our communities better. This isn't a journey that each credit union needs to tackle on their own. Credit unions can partner with community groups, local organizations and other credit unions to help create a path to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.

In this session, we will:

  • Define diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Understand how to breakdown what the perceived diversity in your communities is and educate staff, boards, and members on the realities of diversity in your community through various resources
  • How to make the business case for DEI and how to make sure your credit union's internal culture matches with your external culture
  • Making sure the credit union isn't just talking about DEI but is instead actively showcasing their efforts

Title: Serving members online and best practices in fighting fraud 
Hosted by: Illinois Credit Union League 
Speaker: Libby Calderone

Session description: During this session, Libby Calderone, president/COO of LSC will cover potential delivery channels for you to offer, the growth in online delivery of financial services, and how to protect your credit union and your members from new threats of fraud.

Title:Succession planning: The two most important words in your vocabulary
Handout: Handout
Hosted by: Montana's Credit Unions      
Speaker: Jim Kasch

Session description: A meaningful succession plan is more than identifying who will take over if the CEO wins the lottery. All critical positions at the credit union must be identified and planned for. It should also include a defined talent review, identification of employees throughout the organization that are ready for stretch assignments or promotion, and it should align with well-defined leadership expectations. In this brisk and helpful webinar, Jim will lay out best practices for credit unions of all sizes.

Title: History & Philosophy of the Credit Union Movement: One for your ENTIRE staff
Handout: Handout
Hosted by: Association of Vermont Credit Unions
Speakers: Joe Bergeron

Session Description: Journey through 170 years of the movement's history, philosophy, structure, and other aspects with two insiders who have a combined 60 years of experience. Gain a better understanding of the not-for-profit, cooperative business model that makes our industry unique among financial institutions. Discover how “the financial circle” informs and differentiates management's decisions to deliver the best results for members. And obtain insights into where mottos such as “people helping people” and “not for profit, not for charity, but for service” originated.

Title: Financial Counseling Tips Anyone Can Use to Help Members
Handout: PowerPoint Presentation
Handout: Budgeting worksheet  
Handout: 8 helpful links

Hosted by: Louisiana Credit Union League 
Speaker: Susie Fair

Session Description: Now more than ever, many of our members are facing financial stress that they were unprepared for.  Even members with high credit scores or who have never made late payments have been blindsided by job furloughs, layoffs, and mounting expenses.  Even if your credit union does not have certified financial counselors on staff, there are still many ways that we can all provide guidance to help our members through this unprecedented time.  In this session, Susie Fair, CCUFC and primary instructor of Louisiana's enhanced FiCEP course will share tips and proven best practices to help members cut unnecessary spending and prioritize their expenses in relation to their income. 

Title: Performance management
Handout: PowerPoint presentation 
Hosted by: Ohio Credit Union League   
Speakers: Stacie VanDenBerghe

Session Description: This session will cover the ways in which leaders can exercise extreme ownership with their teams in order to help each and every team member reach their full potential while maximizing performance. From hiring and on boarding to coaching and mentoring, leaders are setting the foundation for success. Every single employee not only represents your credit union but is also a direct reflection of their leadership. Take your leadership to the next level by implementing a new way of imagining our business and supporting the growth and development of your team.

Title: CORE processor "The BIG Question"
Handout: PowerPoint presentation
Hosted by: Tennessee Credit Union League
Speaker: Kim Bohannon  

Session Description: When it's time to leave and what you need to know to do it successfully. More than 600 credit unions have changed cores in the past five years. Todd Proulx of f64 business services will share insight on what you need to know to do it successfully.

Title: Demystifying big data
Webinar recording: View presentation
Hosted by: Utah's Credit Unions      
Speaker: Stephen Nelson 

Session Description: Data analytics is a key tool for credit union growth, and it's NOT just for larger credit unions. Learn simple strategies for harnessing your members' data to grow your loans during this 90-minute session.

Title: The secret to making difficult conversations easier
Handout: View PowerPoint
Handout: Worksheet
Hosted by: Iowa Credit Union League    
Speaker: Adam Carroll

Session Description:  In the midst of all of the change in our environments, the ability to have difficult conversations needs to be in everyone's toolkit. In this strategic and thought-provoking webinar, Adam Carroll will share the method and framework he's teaching organizations that make difficult conversations a breeze. If you've struggled with how to either proactively or reactively handle a difficult member or employee, this is for you!

Title: Growing a Small CU in a rural setting
Handout: PowerPoint presentation 
Hosted by: Credit Union Association of New Mexico 
Speaker: Cody Lewis

Session Description: Join Cody Lewis as he shares his credit union's journey of how they have grown in a rural setting. A journey from overcoming troubles to examiner expectations to celebrations of success.

Title: Contract, negotiation, vendor management & controlling expenses 
Handout: View PowerPoint
Hosted by: MD|DC Credit Union Association       
Speaker: Michael Crofts 

Session description:  This webinar will present how a proactive vendor management system can significantly reduce vendor expenses, including techniques you may not know about. We'll discuss how active contract management can save money and how a system approach to vendor management has saved credit unions of all sizes millions of dollars. Vendor management, sometimes called supply-chain management, is a discipline used in many industries to reduce expenses, improve vendor performance, and manage risk, and we'll be talking about how it can help credit unions.

Title: Marketing efforts post COVID-19: What small credit unions need to know
Handout: PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: League of Southeastern Credit Union & Affiliates (LSCU) 
Speaker: Ann Howard 

Description: COVID-19 is an invisible enemy with tangible effects on all of us. It's impacted us, our families, our workplaces and communities. It isn't a surprise that this virus has also changed us as consumers. In this webinar designed for small credit unions, Growth By Design will walk through the changes we know are happening and how to use them to our advantage now and in the future. 

Title: NCUA's learning management service
Hosted by: Nebraska Credit Union League  
Speaker: Kathryn Baxter 

Session Description: NCUA's Learning Management Service (LMS) is available to credit union employees and volunteers at no cost. More than a repository of information, NCUA's LMS is designed to deliver timely and interesting educational materials to the credit union community. During this session, you'll see real-time LMS demonstrations and learn how to create your own account access live.

Title: Digital marketing
Handout: PowerPoint presentation 
Hosted by: Virginia Credit Union League 
Speakers:  Brandon Frey, Kristin Harrison
Moderator: Nicole Widell

Session Description: In our current climate, it is more important than ever to be forward-thinking when it comes to digital marketing for your credit union. During this webinar, we will talk about the tactics credit unions need to implement for a robust digital marketing strategy. Topics covered will include: 

  • Why is digital important to your marketing strategy?
  • How do I get started with digital marketing? 
  • The top must-haves for successful digital marketing.

Title: Creating extraordinary member experiences 
Hosted by: Mississippi Credit Union Association       
Speaker: Angela Prestil

Session description: If you're telling a story about an experience you've had, you'll ignore most of what happened and focus instead on a few particular moments. The cool thing is that we can create these memorable moments for our members.  In the credit union service world, we can grow loyalty with our members by delivering extraordinary experiences that are unforgettable as Chip and Dan Heath share in The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact. In this session, we'll discover the four key elements in creating unique, defining moments through a streamlined journey mapping process. There are so many opportunities to elevate experiences for your members - let's discover how together!

Title: Technology best practices 
Handout: PowerPoint presentation
Handout: Checklist
Hosted by: Cornerstone Credit Union League 
Speaker: Idrees Rafiq  
Session description: During this session, you will be brought up to speed on the current threats facing credit unions from a cybersecurity standpoint, and learn the basic steps you can take to prepare your organization to meet those challenges. Learn about the latest trends in cybersecurity and how to bring your credit union up to speed and compliance during this fun session!

Title: Telling your story matters
Webinar recording: View presentation
Hosted by: Northwest Credit Union Association      
Speaker: Panel of Northwest credit union leaders 

Session description: In this session, you will learn about the importance of telling your story as a credit union leader and impact driver in your community. Hear from the Northwest Credit Union Association's Vice President of Advocacy, Samantha Beeler, and Grassroots Manager, Jordan Beyer, and practice telling your compelling credit union story, you can make all the difference in connecting with elected officials. We'll also be joined by small credit union leaders from across the Northwest who will share how advocating has made a difference for their shops and the CU Movement as a whole. 

You'll leave this session with a better sense of your unique story and how to tell it in the legislative arena effectively.

Title: Vulnerability is Leadership
Handout: PowerPoint presentation 
Hosted by: Kentucky Credit Union League 
Speaker: Dr. OJ Oleka

Session description: Leaders often feel like every decision is critical to the success of our team, organization, or bottom line. As a result, there is tremendous pressure put on us - by others and ourselves - to get every decision right. This can sometimes lead to anxiety, overexertion, and ultimately a wrong decision. During crisis leadership, as we are all experiencing right now, that pressure is heightened. In this discussion, Dr. Oleka will lead an honest conversation on the humanity of leadership and how understanding your imperfections as a human being can help in maximizing your potential as a great leader, especially in a crisis. 

Title: Advocacy in the Power of your Palm
Handout: View PowerPoint presentation
Hosted by: Mountain West Credit Union Association  
Speaker: Christopher Kemm 

Session description: In the digital age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms the power of advocacy has become simple and reduced to the power of a cell phone in the palm of your hand.

Title: Strategy in a box: Virtual version of strategic planning 
Handout: View PowerPoint presentation
Hosted by: Carolinas Credit Union League  
Speaker: Jim Kasch

Session Description: Your credit union's strategic plan must be more than a check-box item to satisfy examiners. It's a touchstone that captures how your organization defines itself, its short, mid and long-term goals, and how it plans to accomplish those goals. In this engaging session, Jim Kasch will share the outline to his proprietary strategic planning approach, including ways to organize the plan to better ensure success.

Title: Exploring the building blocks of community finance 
Hosted by: Hawaii Credit Union League 
Speaker: Pablo DeFilippi & Terry Ratigan

Session description: 2020 has exposed the ugly truth of a financial system that doesn't work for everyone. More than ever, mission driven credit unions play a critical role providing asset building opportunities and helping strengthen rural and minority communities that have been disproportionally impacted by the pandemic and economic slowdown. Over the last 20 years, a number of tools have become available to credit unions serving financially underserved populations. NCUA's low income designation provides  a valuable regulatory framework that allows among other benefits, raise secondary capital to help them grow and manage risk; the Minority Depository designation, also given by NCUA will become increasingly important as the nation attempts to address systemic racism. The CDFI Certification provided by the US Treasury Department is another valuable building block that provides access to funding opportunities. In fact, the CDFI Fund has become the single most important source of external funding for credit unions. Since its inception 25 years ago, it has provided over $400 million in technical and financial assistance grants. Together, these credentials provide a formidable set of tools that can be effectively leveraged to amplify your credit union impact on your community and do well by doing good.

Title: Talent Strategies:  From Insights to Impact 
Handout: PowerPoint Presentation 
Hosted by:
 CrossState Credit Union Association      
 Sean Nehlsen, OneDigital

Session description:
 Attracting and retaining talent is a major obstacle every business must face.  Learn best-in-class strategies that will maximize your success in both areas.

Title: Working Effectively with your Board 
Hosted by: Heartland Credit Union Association  
Speaker: Brad Douglas, Heartland Credit Union Association 

Session description: The relationship between credit union CEOs and their board can have its ups and downs. Hear the unique perspective of  one of the only League Presidents who also served as a credit union board member and Chair.  He'll share tips for working more effectively with your board through clear communication and relationship building techniques.

Title:Typical findings and control deficiencies: What we've seen in exams and audits 
Handout: PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: Cooperative Credit Union Association    
 Alison J. Herrick and Michael P. Moreau

Session topics:

  • Supervisory Committee Exam Engagements
  • Financial Statement Audits
  • BSA Exams and Regulatory Exams
  • Recommendations to Help Mitigate the Risks 
  • NCUA's 2021 Regulatory Priorities

Title: Practice Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) or ask the Magic 8-ball 
Hosted by: Michigan Credit Union League 
Speaker:  Melia D. Heimbuck, Eric Shornhorst and Amy Wargo

Session description: Meeting your goals and objectives is not a game of chance.  Drive your credit union towards success by establishing processes that make success possible, understanding the risks that could impede success, and successfully navigating the complex set of laws, regulations and policies required of every credit union - regardless of size. There is not a one-size-fits-all GRC model, but together, they are necessary parts of thriving today and tomorrow. This session will touch upon governance, risk and compliance, and most importantly, address the necessity of a coordinated effort among them. It's true, you could ask the Magic 8-ball to help make decisions, but you may not like the answer!

Title: DEI: It's more than meets the eye
Hosted by: California/Nevada Credit Union Leagues                                        
Speaker: Jill Nowacki

Session description: As organizations across all industries gain increased understanding of the business case for Diversity, small credit unions may feel left behind. With a limited number of employees, rural locations, or narrowly defined Fields of Membership, options for diversifying demographics-and tapping into the benefits of more diverse teams- may seem limited. This session will define DEI from a broad perspective and help leaders understand the various dimensions of Diversity-both visible and invisible-that can benefit an organization. Participants will identify actions they can implement at a credit union of any size to build toward a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, positioned to serve all members of your community.

Title: CECL: The Road More Traveled
Handout: PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: New York Credit Union Association
Speakers: Jared Mills and Jackie Myers 

Session description: By 2021, the cohort of SEC registrants required to adopt CECL will have all begun presenting financial statements under the new standard, regardless of whether they elected CARES adoption relief.  In this presentation, tailored for credit unions that have not yet adopted and we will discuss lessons learned from implementing the standard at more than a hundred such institutions, working with scores of different audit and validation firms across the spectrum of size, resources, and sophistication.

Title: Financials to Non-Financial Employees

Handout: View PowerPoint Presentation
Handout: Sample Balance Sheet
Handout: Sample Income Statement
Handout: Sample Analysis  
Hosted by: Indiana Credit Union League 
Speaker:  David Hawkins and Timothy Pierce

Session description: Unless you are a finance department pro, reading credit union financials is not easy -- especially understanding how a ratio or a number going up or down impacts the credit union. David Hawkins and Tim Pierce will explain the examiner's “Big Four” ratios. You will also learn about other ratios that are vital and are reviewed by CEOs and upper management on a regular basis. David and Tim will also give a brief overview and explanation of the balance sheet and income statement for those that have not seen or do not totally understand the need and value of these reports when connected to a credit union. 

Title: Building a Kickbutt CU Culture
Handout: View PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: West Virginia Credit Union League
Speaker: Mark Adams and Jeff Van Fleet

Session description: Mark Adams and Jeff Van Fleet, co-authors of THE COACH AND THE GEEK - Building a Kick-Butt Culture will share how to build a Culture of WE for credit union leaders! 

These two authors align with the credit union movement to serve their members while connecting one person at a time! Mark and Jeff will share their lessons learned, and better ways to communicate and connect with your credit union team and members. They will provide tools and tactics to create an accountability culture, focused on long term success and sustainability vs short term wins/profits. 

Learning Outputs:

  • What is the, 'The Disease of Me' and how can we as CU leaders build a 'Culture of WE'?
  • The importance of What vs How vs Why?
  • Winning vs Success - What is the difference and why is that important?
  • Explore how to hold CU team members and yourself accountable for the right behaviors, that fulfill you individually and your team collectively.
  • Learn the value of People, Processes, Tools and how to leverage all for your CU team.
  • Learn how to Prepare for the Possibilities!

Title: Happy Employees: Tips for Engagement 
Handout: View PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: Maine Credit Union League                     
Speaker: Stacy Rodenberger

Session description: Caring for our employees has always been a cornerstone of the “people helping people” philosophy, but the COVID pandemic has upended all aspects of work and personal life, making efforts around employee wellness and engagement more important than ever. This webinar will look at engagement through the lens of happiness: what is happiness and what makes employees happy? Learn four elements of happiness and engagement tips for each element in order to care for our employees in these challenging times.

Title: Student lending
Handout: View PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: Credit Union League of Connecticut
Speaker: Lori Herrick

Session description: During this session, Lori Herrick will detail how her credit union built an in-house direct student loan program, and how it has grown into one of the core pieces of business for her organization. 

Title: How grants can benefit your credit union
Hosted by: Dakota Credit Union Association
Speaker: Tawney Brunsch and Mike Beall

Session Description: Show Me the Money! How Grants can benefit your credit union, your member's, and your community. A lot of folks take grant writing and the grant application process, well to be blunt, for granted. In this presentation you will hear from one credit union that is serving one of the lowest income regions of the country and would not be able to do what they do without grants. Also, hear from an individual where grant writing is his full-time job. He will expand on the importance of grants and how they can benefit credit union from a strategic planning perspective. 

Title: Building Trust and Value Through Empathy
Handout: View PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: Alaska Credit Union League
Speaker: Chad Helminak

Session Description: The practice of empathy aligns well with the principles and values of the credit union movement. This session will explore how credit unions are using empathy to build a culture of trust and supportiveness that benefits both members and our own employees.

Title:  Reduce Member Anxiety, Build Loyalty: Creating Emotional Engagement in Digital Channels 
Handout: View PowerPoint Presentation
Hosted by: CUNA Mutual Group
Speaker: Susan Hochsprung

Session description: The pace of technology innovations, increased competition and changing consumer expectations are driving the rapid digitization of customer experience (CX) in financial services. Companies that aren't making the investments now to provide an all-digital experience risk being left behind by their competition. Hear highlights from new research exploring credit union members' expectations of CX and the role that emotions play in shaping consumers' perceptions. Examine the actions credit unions can take to address member emotions related to the lending experience. Review the benefits credit unions can expect if they provide a truly differentiated, positive emotional member experience.

Title: Speed dating with small CU success stories 
Hosted by: CUNA Small Credit Union Committee
Speaker: Tom Sakash and the CUNA Small Credit Union Committee Members

Session description:  During this webinar, you will hear Mike Schenk, CUNA deputy chief advocacy officer and chief economist, provide an overview of small credit union financials, and go “speed dating” with several members of the CUNA Small Credit Union Committee around operational successes they've had in technology, lending, marketing, member growth, working with CUSOs, and more.