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National and State Resources for Small CUs

Thank you for dedicating your passion and life to ensuring your small credit union is healthy and continues to serve its members. If ever you feel your credit union needs additional support, please take advantage of all the resources provided from CUNA and your state League to help you thrive.

Our secret sauce and our tenacious spirit can make us a force to be reckoned with. You ARE the future of the credit union movement, the ones that matter most. The time has never been better to take a stand and carve out your own corner in this world. We need to think differently and think about the future!

Are you willing to step away from “business as usual” and make meaningful changes? Start strategizing NOW. Identify the priorities needed to keep your small credit union relevant and identify the people who can help take action. 

       - Members of the CUNA Small Credit Union Committee


  • Grant offerings up to $5,000 annually in the areas of technology, general purpose, advocacy, education, marketing and public awareness, and planning are available.    
  • Complimentary access to online learning, providing a full suite of educational topics via eTrain, for member credit unions under $5 million in assets and Power Learner Passport subscription 
  • Partners for Advocacy scholarships are available to small credit unions to help them financially be able to attend CUNA’s GAC, Hike the Hill and other government related conferences.
  • Shapiro small credit union resource documents that are developed by the Shapiro Advisory Committee, comprised of CEOs of small credit unions. Most recently, we have added a succession planning document and what if scenario planning exercise collaboration document that was developed at the Shapiro Summit. Login required.
  • The Shapiro listserv, an active electronic mailing list designed as a safe space where Shapiro-size credit union league members can share their thoughts, ideas, ask questions of each other and know that the conversation stays within the Listserv. 


  • Grants
  • Small CU Roundtables
  • Midweek Mixer - Covering a wide range of timely topics, credit union professionals are welcome to register for these webinars at no cost. 


  • Small Credit Union Assistance Grant Program: Provides small credit unions with financial assistance for general operating needs, ultimately helping to improve member service.
  • Small CU Network
  • Two Free Webinars per Year 
  • Free CUNA Staff Salary Report
  • Free BSA Training 
  • Free HR Hotline
  • Free E-Scan
  • Free Access to CU Policy Pro
  • Free Access to CCUA’s League Infosight
  • Free Virtual Hosting & Technical Support for Annual Meetings
  • Low-Cost Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Resource Webpage on CCUA Website
  • Roundtables

Learn more here.


  • Dedicated Cornerstone staff members who serve as ambassadors to small credit unions
  • Support the Small Credit Union Committee
  • Small Credit Union Forum (in-person)
  • Small Credit Union Facebook Page 
  • Host, at no-cost, education sessions focused on topics specific to the needs of credit unions under $100 million in assets 
  • Host Quarterly Hot Topic webinars
  • Monthly communications for up-to-date information
  • Provide quarter CU Performance reports
  • Provide assistance with ALM
  • Provide an extensive array of compliance services
  • Provide training and education at no-cost registration for credit unions with less than $10 million in assets for IMPACT – Annual Meeting and Elevate
  • Assist new credit unions with chartering process

Learn more here


  • Grants for Small Credit Union Assistance: Credit unions with assets less than $30 million can apply for a grant for building capacity, ie technology needs, member access services, marketing initiatives and strategic planning.
  • Grants for Professional Development: Credit unions with assets less than $30 million can apply for a grant on behalf of employees and volunteers for professional training.
  • Awards for Financial Literacy: These awards are granted to credit unions for excellence in the advancement of financial literacy and judged in groups by asset size.
  • Grants for Financial Literacy: Credit unions can apply for a grant to develop financial literacy educational programs and/or materials.
  • Executive Leadership Program: This program awards two emerging leaders a year to participate in six years of fully funded training, which includes CrossState Leadership School, NCUF Credit Union Development Education, and CUNA Management School.
  • Financial Reality Fair Kits: Credit unions have access to CrossState Foundation’s Financial Reality Fair kits that can be used in schools and in their communities.
  • Financial Literacy Resource Webpage: This webpage identifies key resources to assist credit unions in building their financial literacy programs for their members and community.


  • HCUL Reduced Registration 
    One of your League’s primary responsibilities is to provide member credit unions with continuing education to prosper in challenging economic times.  To ensure every credit union is able to participate at our educational events, we offer negative earner credit unions one reduced registration fee for in-person workshop, seminar, conference and school.  Credit unions which are negative earners at the end of each year are eligible for negative earner discounts for the following fiscal year (Example: negative earner credit unions as of December 31, 2021 receive registration discounts for the 2023 fiscal year – July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023). Reduced registration pricing will be printed on each program brochure and will be available through online registration.

  • HCUL Credit Union Air Travel Discount 
    Your League is pleased to extend a 20% air travel discount to assist member credit unions to offset air travel cost to attend HCUL events.  Air travel discount applies to credit unions required to fly to any HCUL workshop, seminar, conference or school. Excludes annual convention and cannot be combined with any other HCUL discounts.

  • HCUL Small Credit Union Annual Convention Discount 
    Your League offers a 10% discount on one registration package for credit unions under $20 million in assets. Details regarding this discount will be sent to eligible credit unions after the official registration information and brochure have been released.

  • WCMS Scholarships 
    Scholarships are available through WCMS.  Hawaii students may also apply for scholarships available through the Hawaii Hui and the Hawaii Ohana. Deadline to submit your applications for the Hawaii scholarships is in May.

More information on training can be found here.


  • Small credit union regional roundtables (locations/dates vary)
  • Professional development scholarships (through the Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation)

Not specific to small credit unions, but many take advantage of these resources: 



  • Training and education programming created with small CUs in mind with significant small credit union discounts
  • Annual Medium/Small CU Roundtable
  • Small CU Strategic Support – discounted, bundled consulting services for financial analysis, lending, training, and strategic planning support 
  • Access to League regulatory compliance expertise
  • Policy Pro, InfoSight, and AffirmX MyRiskInboX weekly emails provided as dues supported services
  • Discounted IT/Cybersecurity support
  • CUNA Staff Salary Report for CUs $50M and below provided as dues supported service
  • Indiana Credit Union Foundation scholarships made available early each year
  • CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference scholarships

For information about these and other available League resources please contact:


  • ICUF Small Credit Union Grant Program 
  • Available annually in the fall (mid September – mid November)
  • Credit unions at or under $50 million in assets qualify for this grant. 
  • Credit unions may apply for grants in these categories:
    - New credit union technology improvements
    - Strategic planning and consultation services (including DEI related consultation or training services)
    - Covering cost to participate in a paid training or education event offered by ICUL or CUNA
  • Small Credit Union Savings for education events:
    - $0-$20 million in assets (75% savings)
    - $20.1-$30 million in assets (50% savings)
    - $30.1-$50 million in assets (25% savings)

  • We also host 1-2 Small Credit Union Roundtables during the year at no cost for our members.

More information can be found on our website, or reach out to us directly at or 



  • Small Credit Union Networking Listserv: A tool for Michigan small credit unions to network, share best practices, and keep informed about related initiatives, events and resources. 
  • SAS Office Hours: This forum meets monthly and serves as a collaborative space between credit unions in tackling prevalent compliance challenges, sharing resources and guidance between participants. 
  • Cheers! to Compliance: This free, quarterly informational happy hour is designed to highlight local regulatory agencies and other guests to discuss hot topics prevalent to credit unions in the state, tackling relevant and timely compliance challenges, all while having a bit of fun in the process.
  • Financial Counseling Training Support:  Michigan Credit Union Foundation provides free training enhancements to CUNA’s self-study training program to assist participants in becoming a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor with limited full curriculum scholarship for small credit unions available. 
  • Inclusiv Membership Discount: Because the MCUL is an Associate Member of Inclusiv, MCUL member credit unions with assets up to $100M receive an introductory 50% discount for Inclusiv membership. 
  • CU Solutions Group Small CU Technology Services:  CU Solutions Group offers the following technology services, which allow Small Asset credit unions to serve their members and stay competitive at an affordable price.
    - Website Development & Hosting Services:  Small CU Assist Program includes discounted Custom Websites, as well as Create-A-Site website template packages.
    - Board / Intranet Sites:  Provide secure information and files to Board Members or Staff through an easy-to-use password protected website.
    - AudioEye ADA Certification:  ADA Website Accessibility Certification allows you to serve all members without barriers and stay in conformance with the current ADA Accessibility standards.
    - Secure Online Chat:  An affordable chat solution, which can be implemented into all of the credit union’s online platforms.


Grants & Education Discounts:

  • Small Credit Union Education Grant - grants for small credit unions under $100 million in assets to use for professional development through the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation. Small credit unions may also be eligible for expedited approval.
  • Free Education Webinar - credit unions with assets under $100 million receive a free webinar of your choice from the Credit Union Webinar Network, valued at $200.
  • Discounted Registration - credit unions with assets under $100 million receive discounts on Network events such as the ACCELERATE (formerly Annual Conference) IMPACT (Credit Union Day at the Capitol), and LEAD (formerly) Fall Leadership Conference registration fees.

Business Development Resources:

  • The MnCUN Director of Business Development routinely works with small credit unions on a variety of topics, including:
    - Review operational and management policies;
    - Analyze new service benefits;
    - Assist with potential mergers and field of membership expansions; and
    - Assess a credit union’s financial and operational situation.
  • Planning Sessions - work with MnCUN’s Director of Business Development to find a balance between today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.

MNCUN & CUNA Compliance Resources:

  • Policy Resources - complimentary access to PolicyAid, an online policy resource which contains over 80 sample policies and is updated quarterly.
  • Education - two complimentary compliance training webinars through MnCUN’s partnership with Viclarity.
  • Compliance Support - submit a question online or by phone and MnCUN’s compliance experts will assist with general compliance information.
  • Credit Union Compliance Management System - a new member benefit to help reduce risk, improve accountability, stay informed about regulations and automate task to allow credit unions better serve their members.

Additional member resources can be found here.


  • Financial assistance to small CUs for educational events, planning sessions, compliance/consulting, FOM enhancement, new product/service implementation, etc. 


  • Professional Development and Education: offer a variety of education and training to help meet CU’s goals and needs.
    Education Scholarships: available for staff, directors, or committee members of a MCU affiliated CU. 
    Notary staff training: four-part training series available for anyone applying to become or renewing their notary commission in Montana. Training is free for employees of MCU affiliated CUs. 


Risk Management: affiliated CUs receive compliance support in the form of a compliance hotline (phone or email), relevant resources, and training assistance.

  • CU PolicyPro access: online system with more than 230 detailed model policies to help your credit unions manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges
  • InfoSight access: a full online compliance manual with ten channels and hundreds of topics, including access to state-specific information. Login required.
  • BSA and compliance training: provided in multiple formats for staff, board members, and supervisory committee members, including in pre-recorded webinars, an email series, and custom in-person sessions
  • Fraud Resource Center: updated to provided details on recent scams impacting credit unions so they can educate their team members and communities
  • HR attorney guidance: affiliated CUs have access to an HR attorney contracted through MCU


  • Political: actively building and strengthening relationships among state and federal policy makers, regulators, consumer groups, and credit unions.
  • Philosophical: supporting our CUs efforts to improve the social and economic well-being of Montanans through various programs that include financial education and asset building.
  • PR/Communications Support: supporting CUs public relations efforts and helping them raise awareness of credit unions.


  • Job Posting: affiliated CUs can list open positions on our website for free
  • Custom Performance Reports quarterly
  • Health Benefits Trust: providing affordable employee health insurance and other group benefits to members of the Montana Credit Union League.


  • Smaller Credit Union Dues Reduction Program
    The League provides credit unions with $10 million or less in assets a 50% reduction in standard League dues. The reduction does not apply to CUNA dues. CUNA offers their own small credit union discount program.
  • No or Low-Cost Training Opportunities 
    League affiliated credit unions with $15 million in assets or less are allowed free registration to all Nebraska League qualifying professional development events. Credit unions are welcome to apply for Professional Development grants for non-qualifying events. 

Dues Supported Services:

Compliance Resources for Member Credit Unions

  • The ViClarity (previously PolicyWorks, LLC) team offers a variety of compliance services to help meet your compliance needs. Login credentials are required.
  • Check out PolicyAid to access more than 80 compliance policies that you can download and adapt to fit your credit union.
  • Visit InfoSight to find detailed compliance-related information. Login credentials are required.

HR on Demand:

  • Human resources are vital to credit union operations, especially for smaller credit unions who may not have the resources to hire dedicated human resource personnel. That is why the League has partnered with Jackson|Lewis to provide credit unions with HR on Demand. The HR on Demand Hot Line provides quick, reliable answers to all your human resources questions. League members can call as often as necessary and get 20 minutes of general labor and employment advice and counsel free of charge. 
  • Simply call the Hot Line at (402)- 391-1991 or email Chad Richter to connect with an HR expert. 
  • Other benefits include:
    - Employee Handbook Discounts
    - Preferred pricing for litigation services
    - Credit union training
    - Special projects

CUNA Small Credit Union Salary Survey

  • Provided as a complimentary League member benefit, the CUNA Small Credit Union Staff Salary Report contains extensive compensation data on full-time, including CEO, and part-time credit union positions. Explore how your credit union compares to others in our region and across the nation. Detailed data tables, graphs, written analysis, and sample job descriptions will help your credit union provide competitive cash compensation packages to all employees. Job descriptions follow the data tables for each position. The report is available to credit unions with less than $50 million in assets.


  • Each year the Credit Union Foundation of Nebraska offers several funding initiatives under its grant program. Smaller credit unions may be eligible for a variety of grants that would assist the credit union with professional staff and development, specialized training, or a specific project or initiative focused on items like offering a new product or service; improving the credit union’s technology or website; building a mobile application; or enhancing security.
  • Contact Amy Shaw, Chief Initiatives Officer, directly at (402) 333-9405 or for additional information on available grant programs

Visit the website to learn more.



  • We have a small CU scholarship fund that we use on an ad hoc basis, and which we periodically ask our credit unions to fund. 
  • We also have the Karl S. Little Foundation, which is available to all credit unions, and helps with attendance at the Western CUNA Management School.
  • The Quantum Group is for credit unions with assets up to about $100 million, but we don’t have a hard cut off. The group gets together for periodic round tables, and usually has a one-day conference each year. There’s also a Facebook group for the credit unions. It’s all free. 

Learn more


  • Onsite and virtual assistance with bookkeeping and credit union policy development
  • Managerial assistance with NCUA Call Report filing
  • On-call assistance with compliance questions
  • Economic analysis of financial statements
  • Assistance with job descriptions and salary ranges
  • Strategic Planning sessions
  • Scholarships for League and CUNA conferences
  • Scholarship to CUDE training
  • Supervisory Committee Assistance Program (annual audits) which includes ACH and BSA audits (fee based)
  • Board and staff training including BSA compliance
  • Tailoring specific training program for credit union positions and skill levels
  • Vendor showcases to assist with product introductions/orientation
  • Operational forms for purchase at lower volumes to decrease expenses
  • Promotional assistance including brochure development and news release preparation

Learn more


  • Wisconsin offers a mentorship program in partnership with the Minnesota Credit Union Network and Montana’s Credit Unions: (This program is open to all member credit unions in Montana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.) 
  • The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation offers three scholarships and three grants
  • The Wisconsin Credit Union Foundation also offers a reduced cost FiCEP Program for folks looking to earn their Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor (CCUFC) designation (The WCUF programs are available for members of the Wisconsin Credit Union League.) 
  • We offer small credit union consulting for operational, accounting (including limited call report assistance), budgeting, lending, HR, and board training purposes. This is complimentary and is part of the dues that credit unions pay annually.
  • Assistance with succession planning is offered to credit unions. 
  • Strategic Planning is also offered to credit unions. There is a cost for this program and is dependent on their asset size and whether the planning is on a weekday or Saturday.
  • Board training products, such as explaining their duties as board members and an overview of financial ratios, why they matter, and what can be done to improve them.