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CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan)

Invaluable insights on trends that affect credit unions

Get the insights you need to make informed strategic decisions with 2022-2023 CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan).

CUNA E-Scan combines trends across industries, expert analysis and forecasting data to provide strategic planning guidance for credit union professionals. CUNA E-Scan is organized into 10 trend-based chapters that provide actionable insights from industry experts and practitioners, so you can make timely, future-focused decisions that keep your credit union agile and ready to meet member needs.

Four of the 10 trends contained in 2022-2023 CUNA E-Scan include:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Compliance
  • Advocacy
  • Data

Companion resources including a PowerPoint to help guide your strategic planning conversations and a streaming video allowing you to hear directly from report authors are also available.

The 2022-2023 CUNA E-Scan Report is endorsed by CUNA Councils.

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